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Best Banks for Mortgages

Looking for the Best Banks for Mortgages?

  • Find a mortgage that’s right for you
  • Connect with UK-based mortgage lenders
  • Compare mortgages from a range of different lenders

Which are the Best Banks for Mortgages?

With so many lenders in the UK offering different types of mortgage, things can get confusing. Quotezone’s independent comparison tool can ease you through the process, sorting through banks to find only your best options.


Which UK banks are best for mortgages?

This will depend entirely on your specific needs. Simply enter your requirements into Quotezone’s online comparison tool to weigh up what’ll work for you.

Is it best to go directly to a bank for a mortgage?

Perhaps you’re wondering whether a mortgage broker is your best option, or if you could find a good deal yourself by going straight to a bank?

This comes down to personal choice. If the whole process of finding a suitable and affordable mortgage has left you feeling lost and confused, a broker can help find you a mortgage that’ll meet your needs and budget.

If you’re confident that you understand what you need from a mortgage, there are certainly savings to be made by going directly to a bank. A comparison tool such as Quotezone’s can really help you narrow down those bank options if you’re heading into the process without a broker.

Which banks are best for fixed rate mortgages?

Fixed rate mortgages are popular because you’ll know how much you’re paying each month for a set period (usually 2, 5 or 10 years).

Virgin Money, NatWest, Nationwide, Royal Bank of Scotland and Barclays all offer competitive fixed rate mortgages.

Which Banks offer the cheapest mortgages?

If you’re all about saving money, you’ll be keen to find the banks with the cheapest  mortgages. 

Thanks to their competitive interest rates, the following banks are ideal for those looking to cut the cost of their monthly mortgage repayments:

  • Nationwide
  • HSBC
  • Platform

Mortgage Comparisons tools are useful when you’re trying to make savings because they allow you to narrow down the bank mortgages which meet your own individual needs.

Which bank is easiest to get a mortgage with in the UK?

Not everyone has an excellent credit score, and large deposits aren’t always easy to achieve (even with years of saving. Luckily, there are UK banks that are willing to accept applications from potential borrowers who have struggled to secure mortgages elsewhere.

If your credit score is causing you problems, look at the mortgages offered by Barclays, Halifax, Masthaven Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland and Santander as all of these lenders will consider applicants with a poor credit history.

If you’ve struggled to save up a deposit, 90 or 95% mortgages could help you out.  Banks offering competitive fixed rates on this type of mortgage include HSBC, Clydesdale bank, Santander, Platform, Yorkshire Building Society and Leeds Building Society.

If you’re ready to find a new mortgage, compare UK mortgages now.