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Compare Mortgage Lenders

Buying a house is a complicated process with many aspects to consider. Finding the right mortgage for your needs is an important step, but it can be difficult to find a mortgage lender that works for you – you need to consider interest rates, deposit amounts, customer service, lender reviews, and more.

Our handy comparison tool lets you compare different mortgage lenders and the deals they offer. Comparing mortgage lenders lets you make an informed decision about your mortgage, giving you the chance to save money and find your perfect interest rate.


Is it better to go with a private lender or a bank for a mortgage?

Most people choose banks or building societies for their mortgage, but there is an option to find a private lender. Banks and building societies often have a lower interest rate, but private lenders can be more flexible and may be useful if you have unusual circumstances.


Can I get a mortgage with no deposit?

Most mortgage lenders require a deposit of at least five percent in order to offer a mortgage. Some offer mortgages without a deposit, but these are less common. Zero percent deposit lenders may also require a guarantor or have other terms.


What is a flexible rate mortgage?

A flexible rate mortgage is where the interest rate changes in relation to the national base interest rate. The base interest rate is set by the Bank of England. This means that the interest rate can go up or down.


What is a fixed rate mortgage?

A fixed rate mortgage is where the interest rate is set when you enter into the mortgage – usually for a certain number of years. This could end up being higher or lower than a variable interest rate, but it means you know exactly how much your monthly payments will be.


Who are the biggest mortgage lenders in the UK?

Many of the UK’s biggest mortgage lenders are some of the biggest banks and building societies in the UK. This includes banks such as Lloyds, Nationwide, NatWest, HSBC, and more. You can easily compare UK mortgage providers with our comparison tool.


How much can I borrow for a mortgage?

Most banks will let you borrow between four and five times your annual salary. If you’re buying a house with your partner, their salary should also be included in this calculation.


Are mortgages the same as secured loans?

Yes, mortgages are a type of secured loan (where an asset is used as security in case the borrower doesn’t pay their loan back.) This means, if you don’t pay your mortgage payments, your house could be seized and sold to cover the remainder of your mortgage debt.