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Business Mortgages Online

Find the best business mortgages for you from UK lenders

Expanding your business is always an exciting prospect, and buying new properties can present a range of potential options for expansion. Still, finding the right mortgage for your business investments can be difficult. In the UK, there are many different mortgage lenders who all offer slightly different deals, and choosing between them can be confusing.

Quotezone’s simple comparison tool lets you compare the best business mortgages from UK mortgage providers.


Do businesses get better mortgage rates?

Businesses generally pay a higher interest rate than people buying residential homes for their personal use. Business mortgages are seen as a higher risk by mortgage providers as businesses can always go bust.


What is the current interest rate for commercial properties in the UK?

Most UK mortgage providers will offer different interest rates, so there is no standard rate. Interest rates for commercial properties usually range between 2% and 12%, however, there are times when this can vary greatly. Comparing mortgage quotes can show you a more accurate range.


How much deposit do I need for a business loan?

Every business and every mortgage lender is different, so you will find mortgage offers at different deposit amounts. Generally, the required deposit for a business mortgage ranges from 10% to 30%, but there are some outside this range.


Why are commercial mortgages so expensive?

Commercial mortgages are generally more expensive than personal mortgages as business loans are seen as higher risk by mortgage providers. You may be able to lower your interest rate by increasing your deposit amount.


Do banks give commercial property loans?

Yes, there is a range of UK banks that offer commercial property mortgages to UK businesses. However, each bank will offer a different mortgage deal, so it’s important to compare mortgage providers to find the right deal for you.


Is a business mortgage a secured loan?

Yes, like most other types of mortgage, a business mortgage is a type of secured loan. This means that the loan is backed by an asset. In the case of a business mortgage, the asset is the property that you buy. If you fail to pay back your mortgage, the property can be seized in order to pay off the loan. It’s important to always pay your mortgage.


When is the right time to get a business mortgage?

The best time to get a business mortgage is when you are sure that you or your company can afford the mortgage. This means you need to be able to pay the deposit and the monthly payments without causing financial hardship. You may also want to try to get a mortgage when interest rates are low, but this can be very hard to predict.