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Compare Clydesdale Bank Mortgages

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Compare Clydesdale Bank Mortgages

Everything you need to know about Clydesdale Bank mortgages

Finding the right mortgage provider for your new home can be complicated, with so many different deals available that it can be hard to choose. Clydesdale Bank is Glasgow-based, has been operating since 1838, and offers a wide range of banking services, including a plethora of mortgage options for its customers.

Even if you’ve decided on your bank, it can be worth comparing mortgage options. Use our simple tool to compare mortgage providers and weigh up Clydesdale Bank mortgage reviews.


Is Clydesdale Bank good for mortgages?

Clydesdale Bank offers a range of different mortgage options for customers with different needs and circumstances. Some of the mortgages they offer have low deposit requirements, which may be useful for first time buyers.


Is it better to go with a private lender or a bank for a mortgage?

Most people choose to get their mortgage with a bank or building society because they are often cheaper than private lenders. A private lender may be more flexible, though


Who owns Clydesdale Bank?

Clydesdale Bank is owned by Clydesdale Bank plc and linked with Virgin Money. Still, it’s important to note that even when multiple banks are owned by the same company, they may offer different options to their mortgage customers. It’s advisable to compare offers to find what suits you.


Does Clydesdale Bank offer secured loans?

The mortgages offered by Clydesdale bank are a type of secured loan: a loan that is backed by an asset. In the case of a mortgage, the asset is the house that you buy. This means that if you do not pay back your mortgage, your house could be sold to cover the remainder of your mortgage debt.


How much deposit do I need for a mortgage?

Like many other banks, Clydesdale Bank offers a range of mortgages from 5% deposit and up. If you’re unsure what deposit size would be best for you, you can compare mortgage quotes.


Does Clydesdale bank offer fixed rate mortgages?

Clydesdale bank offers both fixed rate mortgages and variable rate mortgages. The exact interest rates they offer vary, so it’s always sensible to look at mortgage comparisons before you decide on one.


What is better, fixed rate interest or variable rate interest?

Both fixed rate interest and variable rate interest have different good and bad aspects. Variable rate interest changes in relation to the national base interest rate. This means that it can go both up and down. Depending on the national interest rate, this could be higher or lower than the interest on a comparable fixed interest rate mortgage. Some people prefer a fixed rate mortgage to lessen any uncertainty about what they will pay.