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Compare Guarantor Mortgages Online

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Compare Guarantor Mortgages Online

Looking for the best guarantor mortgages for you from across the UK

Buying a home can be stressful. There are so many different factors to consider and many things that have to be organised. Getting the right mortgage is a large part of this, and if you do not qualify for a traditional mortgage it can be very difficult. This is where guarantor mortgages come in, to help people who cannot afford a mortgage on their own.

Our handy tool lets you compare guarantor mortgage quotes from mortgage providers across the UK. Comparing mortgage quotes gives you the chance to save money. Comparing quotes also helps you find the right type of mortgage for your needs.


What is a guarantor mortgage?

A guarantor mortgage is a type of mortgage where the primary borrower has a guarantor who also signs their mortgage agreement. A guarantor has to pay the mortgage payments if the primary borrower fails to pay the mortgage for any reason.


Do mortgage lenders accept guarantors?

Not all mortgage providers will accept guarantors for people getting a mortgage. However, many people manage to get a guarantor mortgage to help them get a mortgage. Some mortgage providers will require a guarantor if the person applying for the mortgage does not have proof that they can afford the mortgage.

To find the best guarantor mortgage offerings, use our comparison tool.


How much more can your borrow with a guarantor mortgage?

You can generally borrow more money with a guarantor, though the exact amount will depend on the house price and the mortgage provider.

Compare guarantor mortgages to find out what’s on offer.


What is the maximum age for a guarantor?

Some mortgage lenders will have an upper age limit where they no longer offer mortgages. This is usually between 70 and 75 years old. You would not be accepted as a guarantor for a mortgage if you are beyond the limit for a certain company.


What other options are there instead of a guarantor mortgage?

There are other ways to help your family member buy a house. For example, you could take out a personal loan or a secured loan such as a remortgage. This may help get the funds to avoid having to use a guarantor, however it can be risky to take debt on yourself for this need.


Does a guarantor get credit checked?

A guarantor will almost always be credit checked. This is to make sure that the guarantor can pay the mortgage payments if the primary borrower is unable to. This takes into account any other debt the guarantor has, including their own mortgage, personal loans, credit card debt, or car payments. Any of these could stop a guarantor from being accepted.


What is the risk of being a guarantor?

The biggest risk of being a guarantor is that if the primary borrower stops paying their mortgage, you would likely be asked to make the payments on their behalf. This can be a problem if the owner of the house does not intend to pay their mortgage payments regularly.