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Compare Halifax Mortgages

Halifax Mortgage Reviews

Halifax is an established and trusted bank, which actually started as a building society back in 1853.  Now a trading division of the Bank of Scotland, The Halifax offers existing and new customers a range of mortgages.  Being a familiar “face” on the high street, Halifax has become one of the leading mortgage lenders in the UK. If you’d like to secure a mortgage, Quotezone’s independent comparison tool can help you compare Halifax mortgages and find the best option for you.


Is Halifax easy to get a mortgage with?

Halifax has a good reputation for accepting applications from customers who are first time buyers with lower deposits, individuals with lower credit ratings and those with lower salaries.  

Applicants will still have to meet certain criteria as per the requirements set by Halifax, but you may find that this bank is a little more accommodating if you’re not “perfect” on paper.


What types of mortgage does The Halifax offer?

When you compare Halifax mortgages you’ll find mortgages for:

  • First time buyers
  • Buy to let purchases
  • Those looking to switch lenders
  • Existing customers looking to remortgage
  • Those looking to release equity from their home

Always compare Halifax mortgages with other providers to find the best deal for you.


Is the Halifax good for first time buyers? 

First time buyers can apply for up to a 95% mortgage with Halifax, meaning you won’t need to have saved such a large deposit.  

Halifax also offers first time buyers a Family Boost Mortgage to those struggling to save a deposit.

As well as incentives such as cashback offers and the chance to have your mortgage paid off, Halifax helps new buyers with free mortgage advice at their in-branch home hubs and through first time and buyer events.


Does The Halifax offer mortgage holidays for customers?

Yes!  Payment holidays are available to help you financially when you may otherwise struggle to cover your monthly mortgage repayment. You might like to use a payment holiday if you’re suddenly without a job, unable to work, on maternity or paternity leave, or if you have a large unexpected expenditure.


Are Halifax mortgage reviews good?

In Which? reviews, Halifax mortgages rate fair to good across the board, with good customer service, transparency of charges, value for money, and flexibility for under and over-paying on a mortgage.

Halifax mortgage reviews tend to be favourable.


What is the Halifax Family Boost mortgage?

Aimed at first time buyers, this mortgage is a good option if you have no deposit saved.   Instead of a deposit, Halifax asks that your family places 10% of the price you’re going to pay for your new home into a Halifax savings account for three years.

At the end of the three years, your family get their savings back – plus interest (as long as you’ve kept up your monthly repayments).


Why are Halifax mortgage rates high?

When The Halifax raised its mortgage rates, it claimed that this move was necessary to compensate for the rising costs of funding through wholesale and retail markets.

New customers will still be offered a fixed rate deal for a set period, after which time they will move to this new, higher standard variable rate (SVR) – which is currently 3.99%.

If you’re ready for a new mortgage, compare Halifax mortgages now.