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Your Kensington mortgage reviews and questions answered

Kensington is one of the UK’s leading non-bank specialist mortgage lenders and has been established for over 25 years.  They offer mortgages to people who may struggle to fit the eligibility criteria of other lenders, such as the self-employed or those with multiple incomes. To see if Kensington could meet your specialist mortgage needs, why not use Quotezone’s independent comparison tool and save time and money in the process?  You can compare Kensington mortgage quotes with other providers.


How long will it take Kensington to approve my mortgage?

The average waiting time for a Kensington mortgage approval is 21 days, but be prepared to wait up to 6 weeks.


What credit agency will Kensington use for my mortgage application?

Kensington uses Equifax to obtain your credit history and score.


Are Kensington mortgage reviews good?

One of the reasons why Kensington has become a popular mortgage lender with customers is because it takes a more flexible approach to your finances, meaning individuals who have been refused mortgages elsewhere may be approved.

On Trustpilot, unusually for a mortgage lender, Kensington mortgage reviews are excellent, currently sitting at 4.3 stars out of 5. 67% of reviewers rate Kensington as excellent for mortgages.


What type of specialist mortgages does Kensington offer?

Kensington offers a range of specialist mortgages, including:

  • New build mortgages.
  • Flexi fixed terms (of up to 40 years).
  • Mortgages for the self-employed.
  • Mortgages for those with multiple income streams.
  • NHS Clinician mortgages (for those 40 and under).
  • Mortgages for those using Help to Buy or First Home Fund schemes.
  • eKo cashback mortgages (for those willing to improve the eco-credentials of their new home.

How do you apply for a Kensington mortgage?

Kensington advises that you speak to their partners, Like Mortgage Advice, to receive free mortgage information before starting your application.

Next, you can apply for a Decision in Principle and this decision will be based upon information such as your income and outgoings, available deposit and a light credit check.

Once you have a Decision in Principle you’re in a good position to start looking at properties and once you’ve found “the one” you can return to Kensington for a formal mortgage application.  This will involve a deeper credit and affordability appraisal.

Your potential new home will be valued and at this point, your mortgage will hopefully be approved.


Can you get a mortgage with Kensington if you have bad credit?

Kensington has a reputation for being less “strict” when it comes to poor credit, but there are still events in your credit history that will prevent you from securing a mortgage.

There is hope for you if you have a poor credit rating but no recent major issues such as bankruptcy, arrears or defaults.

Compare Kensington mortgage quotes with other providers in the first instance.


How much can I borrow from Kensington?

Kensington will allow you to borrow between 65% and 95% of the value or purchase price of your new property.  

There is no public information pertaining to the borrowing caps used by Kensington, meaning you’ll need to speak to the lender directly to find out by what figure they’ll multiply your annual income to calculate your maximum borrowing figure.

If you’re ready to find your ideal specialist mortgage, compare Kensington mortgages now.