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Compare Nationwide Mortgages

Discover Nationwide mortgage reviews

A familiar face on the high street, Nationwide is the world’s largest building society with over 15 million members. Growing over the decades thanks to acquisitions such as the Anglia and Portman Building Societies, Nationwide offers mortgage customers the reassurance of a large and well-established lending institution. It has become one of the UK’s leading mortgage suppliers and if you’d like to find out if they have the right mortgage for you, try Quotezone’s quick and simple comparison tool. Here you can compare Nationwide mortgages to find the best one for you.


Are Nationwide mortgage reviews good?

On Trustpilot, Nationwide mortgage reviews rate very highly – which is rare for a mortgage provider. They currently sit at 4.3 stars out of 5 with an impressive 89% of reviewers rating their Nationwide mortgage experience as excellent. On which they sit fourth on the top mortgage lenders leaderboard, rating highly with who? customers.


Is there an app for Nationwide mortgages?

Nationwide offers customers an Internet Bank and Banking app upon which you can monitor your mortgage.  You’ll be able to see details such as your mortgage repayment type, monthly payments and current balance.

You cannot apply for a mortgage via the app, but you can apply online.


How long does a mortgage application take with Nationwide?

You can expect it to take an average of three weeks to receive your mortgage application decision from Nationwide.


What is the maximum age for a Nationwide mortgage?

Mortgage lenders like Nationwide cannot discriminate against you based upon your age, however, they are entitled to set a maximum age by which your mortgage needs to be paid off.  For Nationwide, this is 75 years old.

Nationwide offers a range of mortgages for the over 55s.


What type of mortgages does Nationwide offer?

Nationwide offers mortgages to:

  • First time buyers.
  • House movers.
  • Existing customers looking to change their mortgage.
  • Those looking for a buy to let.
  • Those looking to remortgage.
  • Customers over 55 looking for lifetime and retirement mortgages.
  • Those buying energy efficient properties or looking to make their new home “greener”.

The majority of their mortgages are fixed rate deals, with 2,5 and 10 year terms available. They also offer interest only mortgages.

You can compare Nationwide mortgages using our comparison tool. Be sure to check Nationwide mortgage reviews as well to get the full picture.


How much can you borrow from Nationwide?

Nationwide allows you to borrow between 65% and 95% of a property’s value or proposed purchase price.  These higher percentage mortgages are ideal for those who have been unable to save  a large deposit.

Depending on your income and the mortgage you’re opting for, Nationwide will calculate your borrowing based upon your annual income multiplied by between 4.75 and 5.5. 


Are you allowed to make overpayments on a Nationwide mortgage?

Yes! Nationwide will allow you to overpay by up to 10% of your mortgage balance annually.

If you’re ready to find your new mortgage, compare Nationwide mortgages now.