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Compare No Deposit Mortgages Online

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Compare No Deposit Mortgages Online

Compare zero deposit mortgages 

Compare zero deposit mortgages

Buying a home or other property is a huge step in people’s lives, and many of us have a goal to own our own property one day. However, it can be hard to get the funds together. A lot of people find they can afford the monthly costs of a mortgage but can’t save up for the deposit. This is why a lot of people turn to no deposit mortgages, to help them reach their dreams of owning a home.

If you want to find the best no deposit mortgage for your needs, you can use our handy quote comparison tool to get the best no deposit mortgage offers from mortgage lenders across the UK. Comparing no deposit mortgage quotes can help give you the chance to find the right product for your needs, and can save you money.


Do no deposit mortgages exist?

Yes, no deposit mortgages are still on offer. They have become less common over recent years, but some of the UK mortgage providers can still help with a zero deposit mortgage?


How much deposit do I need for a mortgage?

Most mortgages will require a deposit of roughly 5% of the total value of the house. However, it is possible to get a mortgage without a deposit at all.


What do I need for a no deposit mortgage?

Many no deposit mortgages need you to have a guarantor who agrees to sign the mortgage paperwork. The guarantor would have to pay your mortgage payments if you are unable to do so.


How many times your salary can you borrow for a mortgage?

Most mortgages let you borrow somewhere between four and five times your salary. This means that the higher your salary, the more money you will be able to borrow for a mortgage. If you are getting a mortgage with a partner, your partner’s income will usually also be taken into consideration.


Why are mortgages so hard to get in the UK?

Recent financial instability in the UK has meant that it is harder to get mortgage lending. This is mostly due to the Covid-19 pandemic and previous economic problems. However, there are still plenty of mortgage providers who can help you find a suitable mortgage.

Compare no deposit mortgage providers in the first instance to find the best no deposit mortgage you can get.


What would stop me from getting a mortgage?

There are lots of things that mortgage providers consider when they are looking at whether or not to give someone a mortgage. They will consider your past financial record as well as your current circumstances. If you have too much debt, such as credit card debt, overdrafts, or other loans, you may not be offered a mortgage.


What is the difference between a mortgage and a secured loan?

A secured loan is any loan that is backed by an asset. This can include mortgages. However, some secured loans use other things as assets, such as a car or another type of property. The asset can be seized if you do not pay back the loan.