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Compare Offset Mortgages Online

Where to find the best offset mortgages for you in the UK?

Searching for the best offset mortgage deals in Britain? If you want to compare offset mortgages in the UK, try Quotezone. We provide insight into offset mortgages from a variety of UK-based providers. Our trusted lenders can bring you quotes in seconds, so you can choose an offset mortgage from a lender you can be sure of. 

What’s an offset mortgage?

An offset mortgage links to the user’s savings accounts. The more money you have in those accounts, the greater the impact it has in lowering your monthly interest fees on a mortgage product. You can choose to offset all or some of your mortgage in this way. If you have lots of savings, an offset mortgage can work out cheaper than other mortgage types.

Where can I find offset mortgage UK comparison?

You can find offset mortgage comparison right here at Quotezone. We offer quote retrieval from a number of partners around the UK. You enter your details and we retrieve quotes so you can choose the best deal for you.

Which UK brands offer offset mortgages?

The big brand names in the UK all tend to offer offset mortgages. Some of these include Barclays, Lloyds, RBS, Platform, Virgin, and Santander.

Why bother comparing mortgage deals?

You are the person that benefits most when you compare mortgage deals. When you come to us to retrieve quotes on your offset mortgage, you compare prices and features on many different products. This allows a tailored mortgage experience that could leave you paying less.

Are offset mortgages still available in the UK?

Yes, offset mortgages are still available in the UK. Popularity of this product took a dip after the recessions, but the offset mortgage seems to be making a comeback.

Can I offset 100% of my mortgage?

There are 2 different types of offset mortgage product. One of them allows you to select 100% of your mortgage to offset. You may also choose to partially offset your mortgage. In most types of account, you can switch your offset to a fixed rate mortgage product at set intervals throughout your investment.

How much does an offset mortgage cost?

The quickest way to find out how much an offset mortgage will cost you is to run a quote comparison. Comparing quotes on offset mortgages means you get the best features for the lowest price.

Where can I compare the best deals on offset mortgages in the UK?

You can compare the best deals on offset mortgages in the UK through Quotezone. We connect you with a plethora of providers, so you can find the best deal for you. It’s a fast and effective way to shop for mortgage products.