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Compare Overseas Mortgages

Compare mortgages for overseas properties

Finding the right mortgage for your needs can be difficult enough when the property you want to buy is in the UK. Trying to get a mortgage  for a overseas property can be even more difficult, and there are fewer companies that offer overseas mortgages. However, it is vital to find the best mortgage for your needs, in order to make purchasing an overseas property viable.

You can use our simple quote comparison tool to find the best overseas mortgage for your property plans. Comparing overseas mortgages can help you save money, as well as find a mortgage provider who offers terms that fit your needs.

What is an overseas mortgage?

An overseas mortgage is a type of mortgage designed to help people buy a property that is not in the country they live in. This can be a difficult type of mortgage to navigate, and not all mortgage providers offer this.

As such, it is important to compare overseas mortgage offers carefully to find the best overseas mortgage for you. Use our comparison tool which has been designed for this purpose.

Can I get a mortgage in the UK for a property abroad?

You cannot typically use a mortgage designed for a UK property if you want to buy a property abroad. However, some specialist mortgages allow you to buy a property in a different country.

What banks do overseas mortgages?

Some of the larger banks like RBS, HSBC or Santander may offer overseas mortgages, although it does depend on where you’re buying.

There are also specialist banks and financial institutions that may offer mortgages for overseas properties. It is best to compare mortgage providers in order to find a bank that offers the right kind of mortgage for you.

How do expats get a mortgage?

One of the ways people buy properties outside their country is to get a mortgage for an overseas property. Alternatively, some people may remortgage another property, or get another kind of secured loan to help them purchase a property abroad. A secured loan may be another option if you want to have more choices for your finances.

Can you buy a property in another country without being a citizen?

This varies from country to country. Some places will let you buy a property without being a citizen. Some countries may have regulations or rules which prevent you from buying a property. You need to check this before looking for a mortgage.

Can I get a UK mortgage as a non-resident?

Most financial institutes in the UK do not lend money to non-residents. You may need to look at financial institutes or mortgage providers where you live. You may need to get an overseas mortgage from a company that is based where you live. However, it is worth comparing overseas mortgage options as some UK providers may be able to help.

What deposit do I need for a property abroad?

The deposit amount you need will vary based on the financial provider you select. Generally, you may find that an overseas mortgage will require a higher deposit than a standard residential mortgage. However, the best way to find a deposit amount that suits you is by comparing overseas mortgages.