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Compare Right To Buy Mortgages

Finding a mortgage can be a challenging prospect. There are so many different types of mortgages to choose from, and once you have chosen one, there are so many mortgage providers with different offers. If you have decided that a Right to Buy mortgage is the right kind of mortgage for you, you may want to look at what mortgages are on offer for someone in your position.

Comparing Right to Buy mortgages can help you find the best deal for your needs. Comparing mortgage quotes for Right to Buy mortgages can give you the chance to save money. It can also help you find the right kind of mortgage provider for you.


What is a Right to Buy mortgage?

Right to Buy mortgages are a type of mortgage to help people who have the right to buy their rented council house from the relevant local government. People who have the right to buy may find that their council house is cheaper than buying a different property, so it can be worth finding the right kind of mortgage.


Can I buy any council house with Right to Buy?

No, generally you can only buy a council house that you live in with Right to Buy. This means that you cannot choose a different property, and you often have to have been renting the council house you are in for a set minimum amount of time.


Does Right to Buy still exist?

Not all areas currently offer Right to Buy. You will need to check if you are eligible for a Right to Buy mortgage. You can usually find out this information through the local government or the central government website.


How much can I borrow in a Right to Buy mortgage?

The amount you can borrow will change between different providers. Some will offer up to 95% or even 100% of your right to buy price. This means that you may only need a small deposit.

Find the best Right to Buy mortgage with our quote comparison tool.


Is there an age limit for Right to Buy mortgages?

The usual age limit for mortgages is between 70 and 85 years old. This varies between different mortgage providers though, so you may be able to find a mortgage that suits you even if you are older than this.


Do you need a deposit for Right to Buy?

This also varies between different mortgage lenders. Some may require a deposit, but some may count your right to buy discount as a deposit. You may get better interest rates if you put down a deposit, however.


Can someone else buy my council house for me?

When you are using Right to Buy, it has to be the renter who is buying the property. However, a friend or family member could help by giving you the money for the mortgage. They would not have a legal claim over the property, but could still buy the property for you.