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Compare Virgin Mortgages Online

Where can I find Virgin mortgage reviews online?

Currently scouring the internet for quotes on Virgin mortgages? Got an idea of what you want, but need to carry out more research before you can be sure? The Quotezone online comparison tool is here to help you. Using our system, enter your mortgage specifications and we’ll sort through quotes on Virgin products. Simply select the mortgage deals you like best, then follow the links to their reviews. It couldn’t be easier. 


Are Virgin mortgages any good?

According to reviews of Virgin mortgages online, customer ratings tend to fall between 3 and 4 stars out of 5.


Can I re-mortgage early using Virgin?

Re-mortgaging costs money no matter who you do it with. There will be fees for leaving your existing Virgin mortgage, just as there are fees for leaving any other mortgage early. However, if you are staying within the Virgin brand and aim to repay your mortgage early, they are flexible.


Does Virgin have a mortgage mobile app?

Virgin Money do offer mobile apps that can help you track your mortgage. The Virgin mortgage app is only available to those who buy their mortgage with Virgin Money.


Is Virgin Money Reliable?

Virgin are a massive brand with international recognition, providing financial products to countless individuals around the world. Virgin Money are too big a brand to hide from responsibilities to clients in the event of something going wrong. 


Do Virgin Money offer interest only mortgages?

Yes, Virgin Money offer a number of mortgage deals, including interest-only mortgages. The best way to see all of their products at once is to run a quote comparison on Virgin mortgages on the Quotezone website. Using our online quote tool, you could compare each of their products for price and features, in just a few minutes.


Can I change my Virgin mortgage to interest only?

If you contact your Virgin Money mortgage advisor, they will examine your individual case for you. If you have an interest-only Virgin mortgage, you can easily apply to switch to a repayment type mortgage. It may be possible to do the reverse, but your circumstances will affect this.


How much does a Virgin Money mortgage cost?

First, you need to know what property you wish to buy, subtract the amount you have saved, and add any interest rates and fees the lender adds. Rather than guess at the final sum, you can use the Quotezone online mortgage quote comparison tool to find an accurate price.


Can I compare Virgin mortgage reviews online?

When you run a quote comparison on our site, you can follow the links to check reviews on Virgin mortgages, too.