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Compare Yorkshire Building Society Mortgages Online

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Compare Yorkshire Building Society Mortgages Online

Everything you need to know about Yorkshire Building Society mortgages

Finding the right mortgage for your needs can be a confusing process, putting a dampener on the exciting task of finding a home. Yorkshire Building Society is one of the leading mortgage providers in the UK. Operating for over 150 years, Yorkshire Building Society has gone through several changes of name and logo during its history, and currently offers building society services to a wide range of people.

Unsure which mortgage provider is best for you? Use our simple tool to compare mortgage lenders from across the UK.

What is Yorkshire Building Society’s standard interest rate?

To find the exact interest rates you can be offered, you should compare mortgage lenders: there’s a range of options, and you may be eligible for a different mortgage rate than other demographics.

What is a building society compared to a bank?

Banks work for the benefit of their shareholders, whilst building societies have to work for the benefit of their members. This means that you can find different mortgage options at banks and building societies.

Is it possible to get a seven year mortgage?

There are various options for mortgage lengths. The most common are between 5 and 30 years, but this may change based on your circumstances. Yorkshire Building society offers a range of different mortgage deals. If you want to find a specific mortgage length, you can compare mortgage offers using our simple quote comparison tool.

Who is Yorkshire Building society owned by?

Building societies are owned by their members. Yorkshire Building Society has also merged with several other building societies in their past. Everyone who has a financial service with a building society is considered a member.

Does Yorkshire Building Society offer Buy to Let mortgages?

Yorkshire Building Society doesn’t always offer Buy to Let mortgages, but you can use our comparison tool to find other mortgage lenders that do. Yorkshire Building Society offers a wide range of other mortgage options for their members.

How do I contact Yorkshire Building Society?

Yorkshire Building Society has a customer service helpline and you can also contact them online. All their contact details can be found on their website.

Does Yorkshire Building Society offer secured loans?

Most types of mortgages are considered secured loans. This means that the loan amount is ‘secured’ against the asset – in the case of a mortgage, the asset is the house that you buy. This means that if you fail to pay back your mortgage, your house could be seized and sold in order to cover the remaining mortgage amount.