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Find an unsecured loan to fund your holiday

If you’re planning a big family holiday or a round-the-world trip you might want to pay for that vacation in stages, in which case an unsecured loan may well be a suitable option.

This type of personal loan could enable you to book your vacation today (before prices start to soar or your dream locations get booked up), and then pay it off gradually over a period of months or even years.

Of course, even though your monthly repayments might be easier to manage than a lumpsum payment upfront it’s still important to shop around by comparing loans from a range of different lenders. That way you find a better chance of finding an unsecured loan with a lower interest rate, which means your dream holiday would cost a little less overall.

Will taking out a loan to pay for my holiday make the holiday more expensive overall?

Yes, since your loan will accrue interest you’ll pay more for your holiday overall if you take out an unsecured loan to fund your trip abroad.

Exactly how much more your holiday will cost when you pay for it this way will depend on the interest rate on your loan, which is why it’s always a good idea to shop around in order to find a suitable loan at the lowest APR.