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* Your home could be repossessed if you do not keep up with repayments

If you’re a homeowner you might be thinking of taking out a secured home loan that uses your property as collateral, since secured loans are usually cheaper than unsecured loans.

However, it’s vital that you think this decision through carefully before securing additional debt against your property, because if you’re ever unable to meet the repayments on the loans against your property there’s the risk that your home might be repossessed by the lender. As such, homeowners should only consider this type of loan if they’re very confident that they will be able to comfortably meet the repayments and their financial circumstances aren’t likely to change during the term of the loan.

How can I find the best home loan rates?

The rates you’re offered when you’re comparing home loans will depend on a wide range of factors, including your own credit history, your outstanding debt obligations, the loan company’s lending criteria for home loans, and how much equity you have built up in your house.

Since it’s difficult to know ahead of time how well your own credit history will line up with a particular lender’s lending criteria, it would be a good idea to compare home loans from a range of different loan companies. Just make sure that each one is only doing a ‘soft search’ on your credit report rather than a hard search, otherwise you could end up making the process even more difficult.

Can I take out secured home improvement loans against my property?

Yes, provided you meet the lender’s lending criteria during the application process for a secured home loan you should then be able to use that loan for any purpose after you receive the funds, including doing home improvements on your property.