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* Your home could be repossessed if you do not keep up with repayments

Whether you’re looking to remortgage because your fixed rate mortgage deal is coming to an end, or you’re planning to remortgage your property in order to take advantage of a better loan-to-value (LTV) following a spike in house prices, it’s a good idea to compare remortgage deals from a range of different mortgage companies before you sign on that dotted line.

Your existing lender may be able to offer you a competitive remortgage deal, of course, but it’s still wise to shop around.

Is a remortgage the same as a homeowner loan?

No, although both a homeowner loan and a remortgage are both types of are secured loans that use your property as security, remortgaging means you’ll be either replacing your existing mortgage with one with a better interest rate, or else taking out a mortgage on a property that was completely mortgage-free.

By contrast, a homeowner loan is sometimes called a ‘second charge’ because it’s often taken out in addition to and alongside an existing mortgage, rather than replacing it. This means that homeowner loans are usually be limited to the amount of equity the homeowner has in the property. By contrast, when you’re remortgaging you can often borrow a sum up to the full value of the property.

Can I fix the interest rate when I’m remortgaging?

Yes, many mortgage companies offer fixed rate mortgage deals that allow you to lock in a low interest rate for 2, 3 or 5 years, and many of those deals will be available whether you’re a first time buyer or an existing homeowner looking to remortgage your property.