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Compare Insurance for a Volkswagen Motorhome 

Do you need top-notch insurance for your brand-new, top-of-the-range VW motorhome? Or maybe you’re insuring a classic VW motorhome. Either way, you’re going to want to shop around for the right policy. And that’s where we come in. 

Compare VW Motorhome insurance now. 

How much does VW motorhome insurance cost, on average? 

Averages for Volkswagen motorhome insurance can be misleading because they don’t take your own risk factors into account. 

For instance, besides the motorhome’s make and model, insurers will take into account: 

  • Your age 
  • Your location 
  • Your occupation 
  • Your history of insurance claims 
  • Your history of motoring convictions 
  • The number of points on your licence 
  • The age of your motorhome 
  • The place you park it at night 
  • Your annual mileage 

That’s why we’d always recommend that you compare VW motorhome insurance quotes. This means your real risk factors are taken into account. And that’s the only way to get an accurate picture of costs for you.  

Which VW motorhome model is the cheapest to insure? 

To answer this we have to assume that all other things are equal, and the only variation is the model of motorhome you’re insuring. In this case, then options like the Caddy California are likely to be the cheapest VW motorhome to insure.  

For starters, the Caddy California motorhome has a less powerful engine than other VWs – 114 horsepower for the Caddy California, vs 150 horsepower for the California Ocean and 177 horsepower for the Grand California. 

In addition, the Caddy California is a smaller and more compact model with a much lower market value, which will also reduce the cost of insuring it.  

Will I have to pay more for my VW motorhome insurance if mine is a classic? 

There isn’t a universal definition of what counts as a “classic motorhome”, with some people arguing that any motorhomes older than 15 years are automatically classics, while others put the cutoff at 20 or 25 years. 

If you do own a classic model though, then it might be worth looking into classic motorhome insurance, which can sometimes prove to be a little cheaper than a standard policy. 

Of course, classic models sometimes have a higher risk of mechanical faults and breakdowns than brand-new motorhomes. In some cases, their parts can be harder to come by as well, so you might have assumed they’d be more expensive to insure. 

But there are two main reasons why classic VW motorhome insurance is sometimes cheaper than insuring a newer model: 

  • Classic models sometimes have lower market values than brand-new motorhomes, which should reduce the cost to insure them. 
  • Classic models sometimes have lower annual mileage than brand-new motorhomes, which again should reduce the premium. 

How do insurers calculate the premium for this policy? 

The motorhome’s market value and engine capacity are two risk factors insurers will factor into this calculation. 

They’ll also consider the motorhome’s age and model type. They will take into account any modifications that have been made to the vehicle as well. 

As well as these, they consider the risk factors relating to you as the driver (your age, location, occupation, driving record, insurance claims record etc). This results in a fairly complex insurance premium calculation with a lot of different moving parts.  

That’s why we’d always recommend that you do a real comparison that takes your own risk factors into account. Each insurer will give different importance and weight to each factor. So, by comparing quotes, you can find an insurer who looks most favourably on your circumstances. 

Is it true it costs more to insure a Volkswagen motorhome in a city? 

It can, yes. This is not because motorhome insurance providers don’t like city dwellers, it’s purely based on risk analysis.  

Insurance claims data shows that drivers in large, heavily built-up urban areas have a higher risk of claiming on their insurance. This is simply because when there are more vehicles and heavier congestion your odds of being involved in a road traffic accident go up. 

The same is true of crime. The rate of vehicle theft and vandalism is higher in big cities than it is in small towns or villages, even when weighted on a per capita basis.  

Because of these two statistical trends, you can usually expect to pay a higher premium when you’re insuring a Volkswagen motorhome in a city.  

If I’m planning a major road trip in my VW motorhome this year will that push my premium up? 

Yes, probably.  

If you’re planning a long-distance road trip in your motorhome in the upcoming year then your estimated annual mileage is going to be higher than average. That mileage will almost certainly result in a more expensive insurance policy. 

The reason for that relates to statistical probabilities. The more miles you clock up behind the wheel of your VW motorhome, the higher the probability that you might be involved in an accident. And that in turn results in higher premiums. 

If I park on a driveway at night will that mean I’ll get cheap VW motorhome insurance? 

If you park your motorhome on a private driveway or in a secure garage, this can help with insurance costs. Quotes will likely be a bit cheaper than you’d pay if you were forced to park your motorhome on the side of the road each night. This is because of the risks associated with parking on public roads. Your motorhome is more at risk of being damaged or stolen, so you are considered more likely to make a claim.  

What’s the best way to compare VW motorhome insurance quotes? 

Quotezone.co.uk’s motorhome insurance comparison service is a great way to compare quotes for Volkswagen motorhome insurance.  

Not only will this enable you to compare policies from a wide range of different motorhome insurance specialists, but you’ll only have to complete one short form in order to do this comparison.