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Motorhome Insurance – what do I need to know?

Just like any other vehicle insurance for a motorhome is typically a legal requirement in the UK. Similarly it is possible to have different levels of cover depending on the vehicle type and the way it may be used and this in turn could mean getting a cheap motorhome insurance policy.

Owning a motorhome could give you the freedom to travel across the UK without having to worry about accommodation. It could also give individuals or families greater flexibility in terms of their travel plans meaning they could travel close to home or further afield with the minimum of fuss.

What is classed as a motorhome?

Broadly speaking a motorhome is a vehicle that the living space is separate from the cab or driving space. There are different classes and these comprise of A-class, American RV, Campervan, Micro, Van conversion, Coachbuilt and Compact. In insurance terms companies may insure some or all of the different kinds of motorhome but it is worth checking the type of motorhome to be covered as it may require specialist motorhome insurance if it is a more unusual class. It is worth noting that self-built or DIY conversions are unlikely to be offered motorhome insurance. Having a policy that covers professional work only may be more achievable.

It may also be the case that RV owners should look for specialist American RV policies rather than UK motorhome insurance as there may be a distinction between providers.

What levels of cover are available for motorhomes?

Like any regular car policy there tends to be the same options available for motorhome owners. These are fully comprehensive, third party fire and theft and third party options. It is likely that a motorhome is a significant investment for most people and therefore fully comprehensive could well be the most popular option but comparing the alternatives may be a useful idea especially if price is a concern.

If anyone else is likely to share the driving of a motorhome then it may be wise to add them to the motorhome insurance policy so that they receive the full benefits of any cover also.

As with most insurance products it is probably the case that an excess would be payable on any claim and this is likely to be split between compulsory and voluntary excess. A higher voluntary excess may result in a lower premium being payable but if the worst should happen it could be important to consider what would happen and how the higher amount could be funded in an emergency.

Motorhome exclusions

Whilst it depends on the insurance company and each one could be different there may be exclusions on the policy that prospective policyholders may need to be aware of. These could include:

  • Claims where the motorhome might be used as a permanent dwelling or for a profession.
  • Wear and tear.
  • Theft of contents where forced entry is not evident.
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdown.

Depending on the insurance company it may be possible to get additional items covered on a motorhome insurance policy and so it could be worth asking up front to get something included in any quotation.

Securing a motorhome

Owning a motorhome that is secure could mean it is less of a risk in the eyes of insurers. There may even be discounts available for motorhome owners that may be able to demonstrate their motorhome has extra security measures in place. It is also important to note that any motorhome left insecure could invalidate a policy so it is important to note all the terms and conditions over security issues.

Extra measures such as anti-theft devices or removing gadgets and non-fixed items when not in use as well as taking care to secure a motorhome when left could help improve security of the vehicle.

Finding a motorhome insurance policy

When it comes to finding a suitable motorhome insurance policy it might be easier to search online in order to get a range of quotations from different insurance companies. Better still using a comparison search for motorhome insurance in the UK could help present suitable results in one place. Shopping for motorhome insurance may not be a regular occurrence which is why many people choose to compare motorhome insurance this way to make it easier and more convenient.

Looking online may be a popular choice and could help identify the most suitable policy rather than ringing around several insurers and not getting anywhere.

Getting European or breakdown cover in place for a motor home

Travel is likely to be top of the list of any motorhome owner which is why it could be worth considering whether or not to take out European cover too which may make travel into Europe more straightforward. It is usually worth considering the insurance implications for a motorhome when planning travel to any other country outside the UK.

Having a breakdown element to any motorhome policy could also be a simple step depending on the insurance company. This is something that could be included when carrying out any comparison search. Breaking down in a motorhome could be very inconvenient and so could be a wise investment to any policy of this kind.

What else to consider when buying motor home insurance?

Checking the terms and conditions of any motorhome insurance policy is usually an important consideration for people ahead of securing the purchase. This way the motorhome owner may make sure that all the details are correct and the policy covers all requirements.