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Drive at 45 to make your fuel go further


Motorists are being urged to squeeze as many miles out of their tanks as possible amid the fluctuating cost of fuel and Britain’s current cost-of-living crisis.

Experts at one of the UK’s leading price comparison websites Quotezone.co.uk, have offered car owners advice on how to make their fuel go further with simple adjustments to their driving habits.

With fuel prices and living costs at record highs, households are looking to cut their monthly expenses and improving fuel efficiency is a good way to help stretch the budget.

Obviously, Motorists are advised to avoid expensive petrol stations and search for the cheapest prices, for example it may be more cost effective to fill the tank at an independent retailer – so best check online for the nearest locations before setting off and include them as part of an upcoming journey before the fuel level hits low.

One of the most crucial factors on fuel consumption is speed, as faster driving wastes more fuel – the optimal fuel-efficient speed for most cars is 45-50 mph. Van and motorbike owners can also save on their fuel by keeping a moderate cruise speed and not hitting the accelerator wastefully. In short, saving on speed can help you save on fuel.

Greg Wilson, Founder of car insurance comparison site  Quotezone.co.uk said:

“Frugal drivers can get the maximum mileage from the fuel tank by incorporating money-saving driving techniques into their everyday journeys.  Eco-driving can have a huge impact on how much money you spend at the petrol pump.

“Besides choosing the cheapest petrol station and the right speed, there are a number of other simple tricks that can help you make fuel go further, including decluttering the boot and checking tyre pressure.”

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