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Experience the best of British TV & film in real life  


Fans of iconic British TV and movies can now take a road trip around the most iconic filming locations of the 2023 hits. 

Set-jetting is now the second most influential source of travel inspiration, only 2% behind the advice of friends and family – with 39% of travellers actively booking a trip after seeing the location on a streamed show or movie.*

Travel experts from Quotezone.co.uk have researched hotspots from around the UK which TV buffs can visit for themselves, including sites from Happy Valley and Saltburn.

Experience some of the sights from hit series Happy Valley, which gripped the nation with over 11 million viewers in its final episode, by visiting the picturesque Calder Valley towns. 

The architecture featured in the Netflix favourite Queen Charlotte, was filmed in stately English manor homes open to the public right across England.

Fans can also experience the filming locations of the black comedy Saltburn, shot in the mediaeval mansion of Drayton House in Northamptonshire.

Greg Wilson, Founder and CEO of Quotezone.co.uk said: “The UK is known for its passion for great TV, with Brits spending nearly three hours a day watching broadcast TV content alone.** 

“The nation’s love affair with television and film continued last year and viewers were treated to an array of acclaimed hits.

“Fans of last year’s major triumphs in the TV and film industry can now plan a trip around the country to immerse themselves in real-life settings.

“From the historic backdrops in Queen Charlotte to the opulent estate in Fool Me Once, ​​holidaymakers can explore the charm of renowned British filming locations.

“Set-jetting makes for an interesting road trip, just remember staycation travel insurance can help with delays, cancellations, lost or damaged possessions – it’s often something people forget when holidaying within the UK.  Just be careful to check the policy details, some insurers won’t cover you until you are a certain number of miles away from your home.”

Real-life filming locations across the UK for fans to visit, by Quotezone.co.uk:

1.Happy Valley season 3, Calder Valley Towns, West Yorkshire. 

The Bafta-winning BBC show was set and filmed in the Calder Valley region of West Yorkshire, heavily featuring small market towns like Hebden Bridge, Luddenden and Todmorden. The cobbled streets and unusual landscape of the towns provide a stunning backdrop to the crime drama. 

2.Saltburn, Drayton House, Northamptonshire 

The iconic house used as the backdrop to the Catton family’s flamboyant estate is Drayton House. The stately home has had an increased interest since Emerald Fennell’s movie was released, with many fans rushing to visit the huge home and its beautiful grounds. 

3.Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story, Blenheim Palace, Oxford

Many of the nation’s finest stately homes feature throughout the series, but Blenheim Palace was used as Buckingham House in the show. This is where King George resides, and the final ball takes place. 

4.Heart Stopper 2, Slough

This charming British show is mainly set in Slough, where Charlie and Nick navigate their relationship. All scenes at Truham school, many park scenes and the post-exam bonfire party were also filmed there. 

5.Empire of Light, Margate

Legendary British director Sam Mendes chose Margate for its panoramic sea views and waterfront, vintage seaside theme parks and cinema, which are central backdrops throughout.

6.Sex Education Season 4, Cardiff

The main landscape for the Moordale gang switched in season 4 to Cavendish College, using the exterior of a museum building at St Fagan’s National Museum in Cardiff. 

7.Top Boy season 5, Hackney, London

With its well-established authenticity for using recognisable East London locations, the final season of the gritty series was mainly filmed in Hackney. The Summerhouse estate, although fictional, is believed to be inspired by the De Beauvoir estate in Hackney.

8. Fool Me Once, Arley Hall, Cheshire

The country mansion, in the village of Arley is featured in one of Netflix’s most popular new thrillers, Fool Me Once, as the luxurious family home known as Farmwood.  It was also home to notorious gangster Tommy Shelby in the hit series Peaky Blinders.

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