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New survey reveals money-draining culprit affects more than 50% of British households


New data highlights that households leave appliances on standby despite rising energy prices

As the cost-of-living crisis continues, Brits face a financially challenging winter, and whilst many households are scaling back on their outgoings, Quotezone.co.uk has found a common money-draining culprit right under their nose – devices on standby.

The new survey of 1,000 consumers, conducted by Quotezone.co.uk, has found that more than half of Brits are leaving household appliances on standby mode.

Whilst standby mode may not appear to be using as much energy as devices switched on, they can account for up to 16% of total electricity usage.** What’s more, just one TV left on standby can cost households £24.61 per year**, with the average household owning up to 41 electrical appliances.

Many households are cutting costs where possible to offset increasing energy prices, with the survey also finding that 43% of households are cancelling monthly subscriptions such as Netflix, Disney+ and Amazon Prime.

This comes after the news that the bill for a typical household will rise to £3,000 in April, from the current £2,500.

As times look to get tougher over the next few months, Quotezone.co.uk has shared tips for reducing the cost of energy bills.

  • Turn off the vampire devices – Vampire devices are devices that use energy to do very little (some smart TVs can use a lot of energy on standby just because certain features are enabled – for example “wake up via WIFI” is thought to use almost as much as having the TV turned on).
  • Use fewer devices – get the household together to watch TV in the same room, not only will this save money – but humans emit around 80w of heat* and that will make the room feel warmer
  • Stay fresh and ventilate your home each day – open the windows a little for a short period to let moisture out in the mornings (and after showering or cooking). Dry air is heated faster than humid air, so this can help save money. If you dry clothes indoors, try to do it in an unoccupied space (like a bathroom or garage) and increase the ventilation in this area.
  • Plan ahead – if you are not going to be home, remember to change your heating settings – smart controls allow you to do this from anywhere, so if your budget can stretch you could save a lot.*** 

Quotezone.co.uk’s energy saving expert, Jack Ferguson, says: “Energy is an incredibly confusing topic right now. As we approach winter, many people are wary of  turning their heating on in fear that household bills will skyrocket.

“However, our recent research has revealed that many households are unknowingly losing money by the hour with unused appliances kept on standby mode.  Remember – if it moves, lights up, or creates heat then it uses energy.

“Adopting our simple tips into your everyday todo list could help make these money saving measures second nature and help towards creating long-term savings.”

The data, compiled by Quotezone.co.uk, was taken from a survey of 1,000 consumers, completed in November 2022.

Quotezone.co.uk is one of the leading price comparison websites in the UK, helping over 3 million users find a more competitive deal on household bills and essentials, from home insurance to home mortgages to home emergency cover.



** https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-61235367

*** https://www.theguardian.com/money/2022/oct/22/more-than-two-million-uk-households-are-in-debt-on-their-electricity-bills

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