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Quotezone wins 7th consecutive Best Managed Award


Seopa Ltd, the Belfast-based insurtech company behind the Quotezone.co.uk and CompareNI.com price comparison websites, has been named one of only five companies to be awarded platinum status at last night’s Deloitte Best Managed Companies Award ceremony in Dublin.

The fast-growing financial aggregator is celebrating seven consecutive years being honoured by Deloitte, progressing to Platinum Winner status from a Gold Standard Best Managed Company since 2020.

One of the UK’s largest price comparison sites with Quotezone.co.uk, and now Northern Ireland’s largest price comparison website with its brand CompareNI.com, Seopa is on course for a record year with its highest ever sales.

Seopa has thrived in a competitive environment without the need for any external funding or investment, which is still the case today – with more than 20 years of experience continually innovating and evolving its software systems, people and technology to stay ahead of the curve.

Every year, Seopa’s systems save consumers millions of pounds, and the company is instrumental in helping small businesses thrive by connecting them with the right customers.

Seopa CEO Greg Wilson, Founder of Quotezone.co.uk and CompareNI.com, comments:  “We are currently very focused on preparing the company for further growth and are now on course for our highest ever sales in our current financial year.

“This recent accolade is testament to our dedicated and driven staff and their thirst for innovation.  There is so much potential for growth within our business that often our team find the biggest challenge isn’t choosing what to do, but rather deciding what not to do – which is a nice problem to have. Being highly selective with opportunities is, at this stage, the thing that is giving us the focus we need to really take Seopa to the next level.

“It’s also important to be cognisant of the financial challenges facing our clients and customers in recent years. Our platform empowers consumers, giving them the tools to compare and find competitive products and savings – the fact that our systems are helping consumers to save millions of pounds each year in these difficult times is something that we are very proud of.

“With so many small businesses finding marketing costs a real barrier to growth, we are able to support them and make a real difference – connecting businesses of all sizes with the customers they need, boosting sales and driving traffic volumes, in a manner that is cost effective for them.”

As a pioneering firm, Seopa was the first in the UK to create an insurance comparison platform for both van and bicycle insurance, and now has one of the widest product ranges in the insurance comparison market – with 80 employees across two European cities, supporting over 3 million users across the UK every year.

This year at the 15th annual awards ceremony, Deloitte recognised 130 indigenous companies representing 24 of the 32 counties across the island of Ireland. The network of companies has a combined turnover of €17 billion and €3 billion of exports sales, providing employment for over 53,000 people across Ireland across a range of sectors – from manufacturing and tech to construction, food and beverage. 

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