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Survey: Cost of living putting pressure on romance


British couples aren’t feeling the love this year, with financial pressures causing one in four to shun romantic plans.

Research from Quotezone.co.uk reveals over half (57%) are choosing not to take part in any aspect of Valentine’s Day.

The rising cost of living and increasing inflation are having a huge impact on the love lives of many this year, causing a love deficit across the country. 

Romance often comes with a price, with 25% blaming their lack of celebrations on the increased cost of living. 

The cost of gifts has risen by 11%* in the last year, with flowers and chocolates taking a bigger chunk out of people’s budgets. 

Many couples are feeling the pinch, following Christmas spending and forking out for winter heating bills. 

With a romantic three course meal setting couples back £60 on average**, nearly half (49%) are choosing to completely ban the romantic holiday, labelling it as a scam. 

Cash-strapped romantics are instead opting for DIY date night, with 56% choosing to spend the evening at home. 

There are plenty of ways to show your devotion for a partner without breaking the bank.  Budget-friendly celebrations include cooking a homemade meal, an at-home movie night, and personal handmade gifts.

Greg Wilson, Founder and CEO of price comparison site Quotezone.co.uk said: “Love is struggling to be in the air for many couples this year, as many are unable to stretch their budgets to cover romantic luxuries.

“Over the past two years we have seen the cost of living and rise of inflation impact household items, monthly bills and weekly food shops. Now, money that may have previously been set aside for date nights is being used towards essential bills and food. 

“This year, the romantic holiday is a grim reminder for many of their stretched budgets. One in four shared they are choosing not to celebrate due to the cost and financial pressures, which isn’t surprising when we see the cost of gifts have increased by over ten percent in 2023. 

“Our research found 56% of people are opting for a DIY date this year with budget-friendly options.  It can also help for couples to revisit their household budget regularly and see where they can shave off waste and find additional cash they didn’t know they had – it’s important to make sure direct debits don’t auto-renew without giving you the chance to hunt around for savings.”

Quotezone.co.uk can help you turn up the heat and find savings by comparing energy providers. 

Survey – Quotezone.co.uk’s findings are based on a randomised survey of 1,200 respondents across the UK during January 2024, which represents a margin of error of approximately 5% at a 95% confidence level.

Have you sold your car in the last year and given up driving? 
Not applicable2%
If yes, why? 
I needed the extra money32%
The car was costing more than it was worth11%
I could no longer afford car payments3%
It needed repairs that I couldn’t afford8%
I don’t need it as much any more / I do less mileage11%
I can’t afford the spike in insurance15%
Not applicable20%
Have you put learning to drive on hold because of financial uncertainty? 
Not applicable44%
Do you think Valentine’s Day is a scam? 
Not applicable10%
Do you take part in any aspect of Valentine’s Day? 
Not applicable6%
How much more does going out on Valentine’s Day cost you compared to a normal night out?
Under £25 more18%
Over £25 more23%
Over £50 more16%
Over £75 more5%
Over £100 more10%
No more, costs the same as a normal night16%
Not applicable12%
Does cost stop you from celebrating Valentine’s Day? 
Not applicable4%
Will you be opting for more of a DIY Valentine’s this year eg. homemade dinner and a movie VS night out?
Not applicable9%
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