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Three-quarters of Brits holiday at home


With 73% of Brits choosing staycations over travelling abroad*, experts are urging holidaymakers to think about travel insurance for their domestic trips.

As so many are left vulnerable and uninsured when travelling within the UK, price comparison experts at Quotezone.co.uk have provided their top tips on what to keep in mind when covering a UK getaway.

The demand for staycations rocketed during Covid when travel restrictions forced Brits to stay closer to home.

Although international travel has opened up again, the staycation market is still going strong as incomes are squeezed and families are trying to save money in light of the cost-of-living crisis.

Staycations across the UK are expected to contribute an estimated £28 billion to the economy in 2023**, as 63% of Brits are unwilling to forgo having a holiday* but are looking for cheaper options.

Besides being cheaper, people are also preferring UK breaks because they’re easier to plan and travel to, and they’re a good way to avoid airport chaos and uncertainty around travel restrictions in other countries.*

Many Brits don’t even think about holiday insurance when planning a staycation, as staying close to home may feel relatively risk-free, especially because holidaymakers won’t have to worry about medical cover when staying in the UK.

However, there may be instances where travellers require compensation for unforeseen problems even when they’re staying on home turf, such as cancellations and curtailment, and lost or damaged belongings.

Before buying insurance for a staycation, people should check if they’ve already got sufficient cover in place, as their home contents insurance may already include cover for personal possessions, and the UK should be included in an existing annual or worldwide travel policy.

Quotezone.co.uk Founder and CEO Greg Wilson said: “While travel insurance is generally associated with overseas trips, it can still be beneficial for Brits planning a staycation.

“Getting holiday insurance for your staycation will provide protection in case you need to cancel or if your travel plans are disrupted due to unexpected events.

“It’s also useful in case you’re planning to bring valuable possessions to your staycation, as you will likely be compensated if your belongings are damaged, lost or stolen.

“Before buying staycation insurance, assess the potential risks involved and evaluate whether the cost of the policy is justified based on the coverage it provides.

“Always check the small print and make sure to not overlap your policies, if you’ve got home contents insurance or annual worldwide travel insurance then you may already be sufficiently covered for your UK getaway.”

Quotezone.co.uk’s top tips for insuring staycations:

  1. Look at what cover you already have

Before purchasing travel insurance for a staycation, it’s recommended to check what cover you already have. It’s possible that you already have cover through your home, car breakdown or annual travel insurance. For example, your home contents insurance may provide protection for your personal belongings outside of your home in which case there’s no need to obtain additional insurance. Some premium and paid-for bank accounts include annual travel insurance policies, so it’s worth checking before taking out a new policy.

  1. Assess risks

The decision to get travel insurance for a staycation depends a lot on your personal preferences, the nature of your staycation plans, and the level of risk the holiday includes. Take the time to weigh up the coverage provided against the cost of the insurance. For example, if you’re going on a short, cheap getaway and don’t plan on bringing any valuables then the value of risks may not exceed the insurance costs.

  1. Understand the policy’s exclusions

Keep in mind that insurance policies have certain exclusions, so it’s crucial to be aware of these factors. UK travel insurance typically won’t cover you for high-risk activities and extreme sports, or for events that involve drug or excessive alcohol use. Some policies require a minimum number of nights away and a minimum distance from your home in order to consider a staycation as a holiday. You may also be required to have pre-booked and paid for at least two nights away.

  1. Single trip vs annual multi-trip insurance

Determining whether to opt for a single-trip or annual policy for UK travel insurance will depend on the frequency of your staycations. If you frequently embark on weekend getaways and longer vacations during summer, it may be a wise decision to invest in an annual policy.

  1. Check Covid protection

Check if your travel insurance covers cancellation or curtailment of your holiday due to Covid-related issues. In case you contract Covid during your staycation, rest assured that medical treatment is covered by the NHS. Nevertheless, it’s wise to have financial protection in the event that you or your travel companions test positive and need to cancel or shorten your trip.

For all sorts of travel insurance including annual and multi trip policies, price comparison site Quotezone.co.uk can help. 




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