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UK Clean Less Than US and China – Spotify Playlist Revealed to Boost Spring Cleaning


People in the UK clean their homes less than those in France, the US and China, a recent report(1) has revealed. With this in mind, Quotezone.co.uk are putting Brits in the mood for a spot of housekeeping by helping to create the ultimate spring cleaning playlist.  

To do this, the experts first found each UK region’s average time spent on household chores and their favourite music genres. Based on that, they calculated the number of songs from each genre needed in a playlist for each region’s Brits to complete their spring clean.

Sparking the most online interest, Quotezone.co.uk can reveal that rock music (680 monthly searches) is the most popular in the North East. Following closely behind is classical and dance in joint second – a mere 5.9% less than rock. North Eastern Brits dedicate almost five hours (295.93 minutes/week) to cleaning, making rock lovers in the region need 73 songs to complete their chores – only three tracks more than dance fans and 12% more than classical, the two-second most popular genres. 

RegionAverage time spent on household cleaning (minutes/week)Region’s most popular music genreNo. of tracks required to complete weekly cleaning
North East295.93Rock73
West Midlands191.65Pop59
South East186.81Pop57
South West182.43Classical40
Yorkshire and the Humber177.76Pop55
Northern Ireland173.72Pop53
North West130.89Classical28
East of England96.39Classical21
East Midlands88.22Pop27
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Pop is the UK’s most popular music style, topping online interest in seven of all 12 UK regions,primarily in the South East and West Midlands

Cleaning their homes for an average of three hoursper week, pop fans from the West Midlands need 59 pop songs in their cleaning playlist – over half more than pop fans from East Midlands need (27). This is because of the cleaning time in the East Midlands, which is the shortest across the UK (88.22 minutes/week).

Classical music is the second most searched for music genre in the UK, especially favourable in London, the North West, East of England, and the South West. In total, 40 songs will be needed for the perfect classical cleaning playlist in the South West – the region spends the most time on household chores amongst the four (182.43 minutes/week). Not as passionate about cleaning, residents living in the East of England (96.39minutes/week) only need half the amount of classical songs in their playlist at 21 tracks on average.

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