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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Bloggers

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Professional Indemnity Insurance for Bloggers 

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Blogging became a trend in the early 2000s as people found a way to communicate their passions with consistency and attention to detail, building audiences from all over the world. Today, blogging is a key ingredient in digital marketing. 

Blogs help people find what they’re looking for through Google and also give them a better understanding of what the company offers. Although blogging can be a lucrative business for some, there may also be some hidden pitfalls. 

If you are an avid blogger you would do well to take out professional indemnity insurance for bloggers. This insurance offers a shield of protection against claims that may arise from publishing online. 

Is professional indemnity insurance compulsory for bloggers? 

Blogger insurance is not compulsory for bloggers and it may seem like complete overkill to invest in this type of cover. However, putting yourself out on the internet can make you vulnerable to any person who decides to lay a claim against you. 

For instance, they may claim for damage or loss experienced from taking your advice or using products you promote. A single claim can leave your finances and your reputation in ruins.

Professional indemnity insurance for bloggers, although not compulsory, is highly recommended, especially if you have a high-profile blog. 

Do I need blogger insurance if I write guest posts for other blogs? 

Blogging insurance is good to have regardless of the type of blogging you do. If you publish content on the internet that is available to everyone, liability can arise. 

For example, you could be held liable for spreading misinformation or for defamation of a person or a brand, even if it is unintentional. 

Professional indemnity insurance for bloggers gives you peace of mind knowing that you’ll be in the clear should a claim ever arise. Whether you write for yourself or someone else, blogging insurance is highly recommended. 

What types of risks does professional indemnity insurance protect bloggers against? 

Blog writer insurance is specifically designed to cover the potential liabilities that bloggers may face. These typically include the following types of claims: 

  • Defamation claims as a result of your content. 
  • Claims due to copyright infringements. 
  • Legal costs to settle the disputes. 
  • Compensation payouts if you lose the claim. 

Each insurance provider will have their policy for bloggers, and each one might be slightly different from the next. Make sure to compare as many quotes as you can to find the most fitting for your type of blogging.

Also, comparing quotes is a good way to find the cheapest offers on the market. Using a comparison site like Quotezone.co.uk will simplify the task of finding and comparing multiple quotes for blogger insurance

What are the typical policy exclusions for professional indemnity insurance for bloggers? 

There will be some exclusions on your blog writing insurance policy. Make sure to read the small print in your contract so that you don’t miss any important information. Typical exclusions on a blogger insurance policy are as follows: 

  • Intentional spreading of misinformation 
  • Intentional criminal acts 
  • Intentional copyright violations 
  • Claims that occurred before the policy started 
  • Claims that arise from privacy or data protection breaches. These can be covered under data breach cyber insurance

You may have specific concerns that are not included on this list that you would like added to your policy. Discuss the details with your insurance provider so that you will be sufficiently covered for all of the potential risks you may face as a blogger. 

Does bloggers’ professional indemnity insurance cover things like copyright infringement? 

Professional indemnity insurance for a blogger typically does include cover for copyright infringement. However, this is usually limited to accidental and not deliberate copyright infringements. 

Be conscious of your exclusions as you write your blogs. You don’t want to be caught off guard by a claim that is not covered by your insurance because of a technicality. 

Blogging can fall in the realm of the subjective, so stay clear of unnecessary misinformation or copyright infringements as far as possible. 

Does this type of policy cover me if someone I mention in my blog sues me for libel? 

Blogger indemnity insurance would likely cover you if someone you mention in your blog sues you for libel. Defamation coverage is included in this type of insurance and since there is a high risk of this happening to you as a blogger, you would do well to have it in place. 

All it takes is one disgruntled reader to sue you. Legal costs as well as compensation payouts can mean the end of your business. It is highly recommended to take out this cover before it’s too late. Knowing that you’ve covered your bases you can write to your heart’s content without a worry about potential liability costs. 

How much does professional indemnity insurance for a blogger usually cost? 

The cost of bloggers’ professional indemnity insurance can be different from blogger to blogger because each one might have a different set of circumstances that would influence the outcome of a quote. 

The type of blog you write could be a factor. Some content may elicit more controversy than other content. Writing about politics, finances or medical advice might sooner land you in hot water than writing about bird watching. 

The potential risks are simply different and this will be reflected in your insurance premium. The size of your audience is another element that influences the cost of insurance. The more people you reach the higher the risk of claims becomes. 

Depending on the nature of your blogging, you could be looking at anything from a few hundred to several thousand pounds per year for insurance costs Get personalised quotes for your blog in minutes with our quick and easy quote form. 

Will the type of blogging I specialise in affect the cost of my blogging insurance? 

The type of blogging you specialise in can affect the cost of your professional indemnity cover for a blogger. Some content is, by nature, more contentious than others which raises the risk of readers becoming upset and laying claims against you. 

If you’re blogging about baking recipes you will probably pay less than someone giving nutritional advice to people with allergies. The risk levels are different, so the insurance costs are adjusted accordingly. 

When searching for insurance for your blogging business, make sure to give accurate information about the type of content you write as this could influence the outcome of your annual premium. 

What can I do to reduce the cost of bloggers’ professional indemnity insurance? 

Nobody wants to spend their hard-earned money on unnecessary insurance costs. There are a few things that you can do to minimise the cost of your insurance for your blogging business: 

  • Keep a clean professional track record – A no-claims history will usually qualify you for lower premiums. 
  • Be clear about disclaimers on your blog posts.
  • Fact-check everything you write.
  • Choose to pay a higher excess should there ever be a claim. Doing so will lower your premium, but make sure that you can comfortably afford it. 
  • Look around and compare as many quotes as you can. This is a good way to make sure you are not overpaying for insurance. 
 Should I use a professional indemnity insurance broker? 

There are benefits to using a professional indemnity insurance broker to find appropriate indemnity insurance for your blogging business. You will get personal attention and they will possibly have access to internal discounts that are not otherwise available. 

Keep in mind though that there are other avenues to find insurance that might be cheaper. At Quotezone.co.uk  we gather quotes from multiple insurance providers from across the country and present you with a range of options for your needs. 

You can do this from your home and you can be assured that the information is unbiased and relevant. 

Either way, having professional indemnity insurance for a blogger is only a win in the long run. You’ll have peace of mind while you free your headspace to write your creative thoughts down for your audience to enjoy.