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Doctor Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance for Doctors

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Doctors Professional Indemnity Insurance

Indemnity insurance for doctors is a type of financial protection for healthcare professionals in the case of claims of negligence being laid against them. 

Mistakes can happen while you are performing your professional responsibilities and sometimes these mistakes can have legal and financial consequences. 

Some of the common risks that doctor insurance can protect you against include:  

  • Claims of medical malpractice  
  • Legal fees  
  • Breach of confidentiality 

Doctor indemnity insurance can offer you peace of mind if claims of negligence or medical malpractice are brought against you. 

Is professional indemnity insurance compulsory for doctors? 

Professional indemnity cover for a doctor is compulsory. The General Medical Council is an authoritative source of information for doctors looking to ensure they are up-to-date and compliant with all regulations.  

As a doctor in the UK, it is your responsibility to make sure you comply with the necessary regulatory or legal requirements. In addition to indemnity insurance, doctors should also be sure to consider their potential public liability insurance needs. 

Doctors should consider the requirements of their license, the ethical responsibilities they have as well as any requirements as per specific contracts and membership bodies. 

In some cases, the hospital, or doctors’ rooms that a doctor practices from may provide the mandatory cover or will require the doctor to have their own insurance to work there.  

How common is it for a patient to sue a doctor? 

Many different factors will affect the chances of a doctor being sued by a patient. And that is yet another reason doctors need to have adequate levels of doctor professional indemnity insurance. 

The nature of the medical practice, the number of patients you see daily as well as the quality of care you provide are all part of the landscape which could lead to potential claims. 

An indemnity insurance for doctors policy will offer you peace of mind while you perform your professional responsibilities. 

How much does doctor insurance cost, on average? 

The cost of doctor professional indemnity insurance like any other type of insurance is affected by multiple different factors. Below are some of the most common considerations that can affect the cost of doctor insurance:  

  • Limitations to the cover selected 
  • History of previous claims 
  • Location 
  • Selected deductible 
  • Strategies to manage the level of risk associated with being a doctor  
 How are professional indemnity insurance premiums calculated for doctors? 

Professional indemnity insurance for doctors’ premiums is typically calculated on a case-by-case basis.  

Listed below are some of the variables that insurance providers consider when calculating insurance premiums:  

  • Location 
  • Selected deductible 
  • Level of experience 
  • History of claims  
  • Risk management protocols 
  • Number of patients  
  • Requirements of the regulatory board you belong to  
  • Specific features of the policy  
  • Selected insurance provider 
If I’ve been sued by a patient before will that make this policy more expensive? 

Yes, unfortunately, if you have a record of claims in the past the cost of your indemnity insurance for doctors premium may typically be higher. 

It is recommended that businesses or individuals that have faced previous claims ensure they have a good risk management structure in place which can help to reduce the chance of claims in the future. 

It can also be beneficial to get quotes from a wide range of insurers to find coverage that suits your circumstances and budget. And always remember that it is fundamentally important to provide honest and accurate information to insurance companies at all times.  

Will my location influence the cost of my doctors’ insurance? 

Yes, this will be taken into account by insurers when they set your premiums. Listed below are some of the reasons why your location can have an impact on the cost of professional indemnity insurance for a doctor:  

  • History of claims in the area 
  • Regulations potentially relating specifically to that area 
  • The cost of running a business in your area
  • The state of the healthcare system in the area 

Comparison websites like Quotezone.co.uk simplify the process of assessing how different insurers may take your location into account when determining your potential premiums.  

Will the types of patients I specialise in treating affect the cost of my doctor’s indemnity insurance? 

The types of patients you treat may affect the cost of your professional indemnity cover for a doctor’s policy. Some types of patients are more complicated to treat than others, and the risk of claims may vary from one area of specialism to the next. 

Each insurance provider places their own weighting on different factors, with some potentially seen as higher risk than others. Insurance providers have different underwriting criteria with different types of medical specialities typically carrying different levels of risk. 

When looking to purchase a doctor indemnity insurance policy, make sure you provide insurers with honest and accurate information about the type of work you do to ensure the policy is suitable for your particular needs. 

What risks does professional indemnity insurance protect doctors against? 

Professional indemnity insurance for doctors offers financial protection against a variety of risks, these typically include:

  • Breaking client confidentiality 
  • Claims of negligence 
  • Breaches of professional duty 
  • Legal costs defending claims 
  • Potential compensation payouts 
  • Professional omissions 
What won’t be covered by professional indemnity insurance for doctors? 

All insurance policies will have exclusions, listed below are some examples of what would typically be excluded from a doctor’s insurance policy:  

  • Any type of criminal behaviour 
  • Unauthorised experimental procedures 
  • Inappropriate sexual behaviour 
  • Abuse of substances 
  • Claims of fraud  
  • Failing to comply with regulations 
  • Activities being performed without authorisation 
  • Claims that occurred before the inception of the policy  
How can I find cheaper doctors’ insurance? 

Below are a few tips that might help you find cheaper indemnity insurance for doctors:  

  1. Put better risk management protocols in place. 
  2. Consider selecting additional policy exclusions. 
  3. Select a higher deductible. 
  4. Shop around and compare as many different quotes as possible, comparison websites like Quotezone.co.uk simplify this process.

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