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£20 Million Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance for £20 Million

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£20 Million Public Liability Insurance

Whether you are in business in manufacturing, finance, or events, sifting through the complexities of purchasing £20 million of public liability insurance can be a time-consuming task. In places like Manchester’s media hub or Birmingham’s construction-laden skyline, carrying £20 million PLI (public liability insurance) isn’t simply a desirable add-on, it’s essential.  

Comparing with us at Quotezone.co.uk can simplify and streamline the daunting task of comparing £20 million public liability insurance options, and increase your chances of securing the coverage you need at a competitive price.  

What type of business might need £20 million in public liability insurance? 

The amount of PLI your business needs is dependent on the size and type of business. Typically, the larger the business, the more footfall and crowds it experiences. And these risk factors heighten the amount of public liability insurance required.  

A £20 million public liability insurance policy isn’t just a safety net; it’s essential to ensure businesses requiring significant levels of cover are protected. There can also be industry standards as to the level of coverage a business should have which can be found through representative bodies, and you will have to consider these when purchasing this insurance. 
Some businesses that could benefit from high levels of PLI include: 

  • Major construction companies. 
  • Event venues and companies staging large events. 
  • Manufacturers whose daily operations involve hazardous materials and large workforces. 
  • Transport companies orchestrating large-scale public transit systems. 

Each listed type of enterprise not only grapples with the inherent perils of their industries but also deals with a volume of public interaction that amplifies the potential for claims. When you’re in a business where a mishap could turn into headline news, public liability insurance for £20M can be essential. 

How can I be sure £20 million public liability insurance is the right level of coverage for my business? 

Deciding if public liability insurance with £20 million of cover is the right fit for your business isn’t guesswork, it’s about a methodical analysis. In addition to looking at industry standards and common practices for your business type and size, you can consider: 

  • Operational Scale 
  • Risk Profile 
  • Legal and Contractual Obligations 
  • Past Claims History 
  • Industry Standards 

Once you have looked through these aspects, if your business operations are indicative of the need for significant cover, then a £20 million PLI policy may be suitable. 

If I’m a sole trader would this level of coverage be too high for my business? 

For a sole trader, a £20 million public liability insurance policy may seem excessive, but it really hinges on the nature of your work. If you’re a sole trader but your work is high-risk or you’re subcontracting for a big company that requires this level of cover, then it’s not simply about the size of your business but the potential costs of a claim. However, for typical sole traders, public liability insurance for £20M may be more than necessary, and it would be prudent to obtain advice and look at industry standards for your sector before you buy. 

How much does a £20M public liability insurance policy cost, on average? 

On average, a £20 million public liability insurance policy will be priced higher than lower coverage options due to the extensive financial protection it offers. The exact premium depends on various factors like the business type, its claims history, and the industry’s inherent risks.  

It’s difficult to locate an average cost because premiums can vary widely; it’s best to get a tailored quote to understand whether £20 million of public liability cover is suitable for your specific business context.  

What types of risks does this level of cover protect my business against? 

£20 million public liability insurance is there to act as a large safety net, safeguarding your business against claims of injury or damage made by the public that can come from direct or indirect business activities.  

Whether it’s an issue at a construction site or an accident during an event your company’s hosting, this level of cover is designed to shoulder any resulting financial consequences.  

It typically includes third-party injury, property damage, and even legal fees that could cripple your finances should you be without protection. 

What are the typical policy exclusions I might expect if I take out £20M public liability insurance? 

While a £20 million public liability insurance policy provides extensive coverage, it’s not without its limits. Understanding these exclusions is critical so you’re not caught off-guard. Typically, such a policy won’t cover: 

  • Contractual Liabilities: If your business has assumed liability under a contract, this is often excluded from standard PLI policies. 
  • Deliberate Acts: Intentional wrongdoing or wilful neglect isn’t covered. 
  • Product Liability: Once your product has been sold, incidents caused by it are generally not covered under PLI but under a separate product liability cover
  • Professional Negligence: If your advice or service is the issue, professional indemnity insurance is what you’re looking for, not PLI. 
  • Employee Injuries: In this case employer’s liability insurance is important, a legal requirement if you have staff. 
  • Own Property Damage: Damages to your own property require a commercial property insurance cover
  • Pollution: Unless specifically included, gradual pollution and certain environmental impacts might be excluded. 

Remember, when you’re in the market for public liability insurance for £20 million, the fine print is critical. You don’t want to discover that you are not covered for something when it’s too late. It’s important to understand what is covered and what is excluded. 

Shouldn’t I just use an insurance broker if I want £20M PLI at a cheap price? 

Using an insurance broker might seem like a good option for locating a cheaper deal on £20 million PLI, as they’ve got the know-how and might negotiate on your behalf. However, keep in mind that brokers generally take commissions and can charge fees. 

Their definition of ‘cheap’ might not align with yours. It’s typically advisable to shop around and compare what’s on offer for public liability insurance with £20 million of cover. At Quotezone.co.uk we make this simple by giving you unbiased comparisons of public liability insurance across trusted UK insurers with one simple quote form.  

How does £20M public liability insurance benefit a large-scale manufacturer? 

Large-scale manufacturers stand to benefit immensely from £20M public liability insurance due to the high level of risk inherent in their operations. If an incident occurs resulting in a claim, £20 million of public liability insurance can provide an extensive financial safety net that could be the difference between a manageable situation and a financial disaster. This level of insurance can cover substantial claims for damages or injuries caused by the business’s activities, ensuring the manufacturer’s assets and reputation stay intact.