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Bouncy castle insurance

Most children love bouncy castles, so if you own a bouncy castle business you’re sure to be a hit at birthday parties, summer fetes and many other child-friendly festivities. But if a child is injured and it’s determined that the incident happened due to some sort of fault with the bouncy castle you could face a public liability claim.

While some children’s party venues employ their own face painters many are self-employed, which means if something went wrong and they were held liable they would be expected to cover the resulting legal expenses and compensation pay-outs themselves.

That’s why it might be a wise idea to consider taking out bouncy castle insurance if you own a bouncy castle business, which can protect you against the financial impact of a liability claim if you’re ever sued for damages.

Compare bouncy castle insurance quotes now

Is bouncy castle insurance a legal requirement in the UK?

No, bouncy castle insurance is a type of public liability insurance, which isn’t legally required in the UK no matter what type of business you run.

However, while it isn’t a legal obligation to take out bouncy castle insurance some venues do make it a contractual obligation, so it’s worth looking into this to see if you might be breaching any contracts if you decided not to take out a policy.

Of course, even if it isn’t a contractual requirement, it’s still worth comparing bouncy castle insurance quotes if you own this type of business, because you could find that a policy might be surprisingly cheap.

What does bouncy castle liability insurance cover me against?

As the name suggests, public liability insurance is designed to protect businesses and sole traders against the risk of a liability claim by a member of the public.

There are two possible scenarios where this type of liability claim might arise:

  • A member of the public suffers an injury and you or your business are held liability for the accident
  • A member of the public’s property or belongings are damaged or stolen, and you or your business are held liable for the incident.

For example, if you own a bouncy castle hire service and one of your bouncy castles deflates while it’s being used, resulting in a number of children being injured, you could face several different liability claims by the parents of those children.

How much does bouncy castle public liability insurance usually cost?

Insurance companies assess a lot of different risk factors when they’re calculating their public liability insurance premiums, and each provider will also give each of those risk factors a slightly different weighting.

Many of those factors are also specific to the policyholder, which means it’s difficult to know ahead of time exactly how much you might have to pay for your bouncy castle public liability insurance.

For instance, your location, the amount of liability cover you would like to take out, whether or not you’ve claimed on a public liability insurance policy in the past and whether or not you’d like to bundle any other add-ons with your bouncy castle insurance policy will all affect the premiums you’re quoted.

The best plan is to use Quotezone.co.uk’s insurance comparison service to compare quotes for bouncy castle insurance from a range of different providers, and then go with the one that offers the best policy at the most competitive price.

What add-ons can I bundle with my bouncy castle liability insurance?

While the liability insurance is the key component of your bouncy castle insurance, it is often possible to bundle a range of optional add-ons with your policy in order to ensure you have the best possible cover. Some of the most common add-ons include:

  • Employers’ liability insurance: If you run your bouncy castle business as a self-employed sole trader then this add-on probably won’t be relevant, but if you do employ staff you have a legal obligation to take out employers’ liability insurance, and it might be more cost effective to do so by bundling it with your bouncy castle liability insurance.
  • Product liability insurance: This type of add-on can protect small businesses and sole traders who sell products alongside their main service, since it’s designed to product policyholders against the risk of a liability claim arising due to a faulty product.