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Car Park Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance for Car Parks

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Car Park Public Liability Insurance 

As a car park owner, you may think that your business has a reasonably low-risk profile, especially since people are mainly parking and leaving. Upon entering a car park most people assume that they enter at their own risk. So if an incident occurs with another vehicle, people usually deal with it privately. 

However, things happen unexpectedly and you may be caught off guard by a surprise claim from a member of the public. And they would be within their rights to do so. As with any other business venue, it is best practice to take out liability insurance that will cover you for any unforeseen events or accidents. 

You might think it would be difficult to find insurance companies that will give you liability coverage for specialist venues like yours. But with Quotezone you can compare quotes for car park liability insurance from a range of trusted UK insurers so that you’re never caught off guard. 

How much does car park insurance cost, on average? 

Car park insurance can vary quite significantly depending on several significant factors: 

1. Location is a key factor – The crime rate of an area will affect the insurance costs. Car parks in big cities like London or Manchester will likely pay more for insurance than car parks in smaller towns. The risks are simply not the same.  

2. Security measures – The more security your car park has the more favourable your insurance premiums will be.  

3. Capacity of your car park – The more cars coming in and out of your premises the greater the chances of something happening.  

Look for as many quotes as possible to find the very best for your situation. It is possible to find affordable liability cover for your car park. 

Is car park insurance mandatory in the UK? 

At the moment car park insurance is not mandatory in the UK. This does not mean that it is not important though. There are some local authorities and organisations that insist on it. They do this to protect the members of the public as well as businesses. 

It is in everyone’s best interest for any business owner to invest in liability insurance. A car park may seem like a low-risk venture, but surprises always have a way of popping up. It is a good idea to protect yourself against unforeseen claims before they happen. 

The good news is that with the help of an insurance comparison site like Quotezone.co.uk, you can quickly and easily compare multiple quotes increasing your chance of securing competitively priced cover for your interests. 

Why should car park operators take out car park liability insurance? 

It is a very good idea for car park operators to take out liability insurance even though it may seem like a fairly low-risk business. Here are a couple of reasons why it is advisable to take out public liability insurance for car parks: 

1. Protection from Claims – Most members of the public assume that they enter at their own risk when driving into a car park, but there will always be those who are more litigious by nature who might bring a claim against you in the event of an accident. 

2. Reputation Management – People like to feel secure, even in a car park. A business that takes out liability insurance might give customers more peace of mind and simultaneously establish a good reputation. 

3. Financial Security – Claims can cost a lot of money. A business that is not covered can suffer greatly and may even have to close down. To avoid these unforeseen financial blows to your business, take the time to find the best liability insurance quotes for your car park. 

 What sort of risks would public liability insurance for car parks insure me against? 

Liability insurance for a car park will typically cover the following instances:  

  • Damage to a vehicle inside of the car park – This can happen so easily as cars have to wind their way up and down the levels. Sometimes the parking spots can be tricky to get into, especially if the driver has a bigger car like an SUV or a minivan. 
  • Injury to people inside of the car park – This could be pedestrians, drivers or passengers. 
  • Legal costs – Should someone bring a claim against you, your legal costs will be covered by liability insurance. 
 What types of things would liability insurance for a car park not cover me for? 

Liability insurance will likely have some exclusions and this can vary from insurer to insurer. Typically, deliberate neglect or malicious intent will not be covered. Acts of war or terrorism are usually outside of the scope of cover for insurance companies too. 

Another potential exclusion is environmental damage. Before signing for insurance coverage, make sure to read the fine print as the little things can mean make or break for your business in the long run. 

Compare quotes from a wide variety of insurance companies. There may be those whose focus is on businesses like car parks, but be mindful of the exclusions. 

Can I take out car parking insurance if my car park has automated barriers? 

It is possible to take out car parking insurance if your car park has automated barriers. The final quote will depend on the insurance company’s view of automated barriers. Some may see it as an added security feature while others may consider it a potential risk. Your best option would be to compare quotes from as many insurance companies in the UK as you can to find the offer that will look favourably upon car parks with automated barriers. 

Does car park insurance cover physical injuries to pedestrians and damage to cars? 

Typically, car park liability insurance policies do cover physical injuries to pedestrians as well as damage to cars, especially if the injuries were caused by the conditions of the car park. To be sure, you could compare quotes from various insurance companies to find the ones that cover cars, pedestrians and drivers inside a car park. 

Quotezone.co.uk can facilitate this search quickly and effortlessly. Make sure to provide the correct information, the location of your car park, as well as its capacity as these will influence the outcome of your quotes. 

Also, don’t neglect the maintenance of your car park. Stay up to date with the latest regulations for car parks. Negligence on your part might affect your cover.