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Compare Cheap Catering Liability Insurance Quotes

Whether you own a restaurant or a food truck, a cafe or an event catering business, it might be a wise decision to invest in catering public liability insurance to protect your business from the risk of liability claims.

Not only can this type of policy cover your catering business against the risk of legal action and compensation claims if someone has an accident on your premises and you are held liable, but if someone’s property or belongings are damaged liability claims will usually be covered by the best catering liability insurance policies in those cases too.

Compare catering public liability insurance quotes now

Do I have to take out catering liability insurance?

No, in most cases the only types of insurance that will be legally required for catering businesses are motor insurance (if you own a catering van, for instance), and employers’ liability insurance (which you are legally required to have if you employ any staff).

Public liability insurance isn’t mandatory in the UK, although it’s certainly worth considering – particularly if you own commercial premises that customers visit, such as a restaurant, coffee shop, tea room or ice cream parlour.

Catering public liability insurance can insure your catering business against potentially very costly liability claims in exchange for a relatively cheap premium.

Does this type of insurance cover mobile catering businesses too?

Yes, if your business is a mobile caterer that provides catering services for events then you can take out catering liability insurance to protect you against the risk of a liability claim in those situations too.

Whether you’re a wedding caterer, a party caterer, a corporate caterer or a food truck business, catering liability insurance can cover you against the risk of liability claims if someone is injured at an event or gathering and you’re held liable for the incident.

Does catering insurance cover me if someone gets food poisoning after eating my food?

While policies do differ from one insurance provider to the next, in most cases the ‘public liability’ component of your catering insurance policy won’t cover you against the risk of being sued because you gave a customer food poisoning.

However, when you’re taking out a catering insurance policy it’s possible to bundle other types of coverage with your public liability insurance, which means you can be covered for food poisoning if you include the appropriate add-ons.

For catering businesses the relevant add-on in this case would be product liability insurance, which covers them against liability claims resulting from faulty products – in this case, spoiled or incorrectly cooked food.

If a catering company’s own staff sue the business does catering insurance cover those liability claims?

As with food poisoning, a liability claim that was brought by the catering company’s own staff wouldn’t be covered by public liability insurance (since that only insures them against claims by members of the public), but it is possible to bundle add-ons in order to include this protection as well.

Specifically, employers’ liability insurance can be added to your catering insurance policy in order to protect your business against claims brought by members of your staff – and in fact this type of insurance is a legal requirement in the UK if you do employ staff.