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Dog Groomer Public Liability Insurance

Dog grooming insurance may seem like an optional level of protection, but when you consider the responsibility of grooming and ensuring the safety of the dogs in your care, you’ll think twice about the importance of this type of insurance. 

Dogs are wonderful creatures, but they can be unpredictable at times, especially when they’re nervous about being shampooed and clipped. Dogs can be a danger to themselves and the person grooming them. 

It’s a good idea for a dog grooming business owner to consider taking out dog grooming insurance. Neglecting to do so could mean a large dent in your earnings should a dog owner lay a negligence or injury claim against you. 

Why would I need public liability insurance for my dog grooming business? 

Public liability insurance for dog groomers is not just a nice-to-have option on the side. It could be the very thing that keeps your business running should a claim be made against you.

Anything can happen when grooming dogs. You could accidentally nip the ear or slip and fall on the wet floor. Not all dogs love the idea of being drenched by water and the sound of nails being clipped could make them snappy. 

If you’re operating out of your own premises or working in other people’s spaces, you could also be liable for the safety of other humans in the course of your business activities. 

Whatever the scenario may be, unforeseen events do occur, and when they do you’ll be very relieved to know you have insurance to cover the costs involved. 

Is public liability insurance mandatory for a dog groomer? 

Dog grooming liability insurance is not mandatory for a dog groomer, but would be wise to include it in your business expenses. A positive aspect of taking out insurance is that it assures your clients of your professionalism and willingness to take responsibility should things go wrong. Trust is a huge unspoken benefit of taking out public liability insurance for your dog grooming business. 

How much does dog grooming insurance cost, on average? 

Dog groomers insurance costs will vary from business to business. It all depends on the size of your business, the amount of people you employ and the types of services you offer your clients. 

You may also have special needs that are not catered for in a standard insurance contract. Should this be the case you’ll need to look at add-ons to cover all of your bases. This will inevitably increase your annual premiums. The amount of coverage you choose will also have an impact on your premiums. 

It can feel overwhelming to find the right insurance for your business, but the good news is that there are insurance comparison sites like Quotezone.co.uk that can help you compare quotes from multiple insurers quickly. 

Does a dog groomer need £5 million of public liability insurance coverage?

£5 million is one of a few common options for public liability insurance coverage. But whether you need it or not really depends on the nature of your business. You will have to consider the nature of the claims you are likely to face and decide on the amount of coverage you want.

The size of your business will play a key role. A bigger company will need more cover due to the heightened risks involved. If you’re a one-person company with a small doggy parlour, you could only need £1 million of coverage. 

Regardless of the size of your business, make a thorough assessment of the potential risks involved in running your dog grooming business and asses the potential costs of the claims that you could face.

Does the size of my business affect the cost of my dog groomers insurance? 

The scale of your business will affect the premium you’ll pay. Public liability insurance for dog groomers is typically determined by a couple of factors. These include the amount of employers you have as well as the service you provide. 

Bigger dog grooming companies often provide things like transport which will be an added risk factor. Your equipment will also be of significant importance when determining the risk profile of your business. 

Running a small business from your home is a much lower-risk venture than running a big operation with many people, services and lots of expensive equipment. Pet groomer insurance is not merely a luxury add-on, it is an essential part of a healthy business concern. 

What types of risks does dog grooming liability insurance insure me against? 

Dog groomers insurance coverage will vary depending on the details of the policy you choose. However, the typical risks that are covered in a standard insurance policy can include the following: 

  • Injury to the dog – This could happen easily scissoring a dog’s coat or when clipping their nails. 
  • Damage or loss of property – The customer might leave a leash or any other device used for the animal in your care. If this gets damaged or stolen, you’ll be covered. 
  • Third-party injuries – This can easily happen to someone in your business premises. Insurance can take care of the costs. 
  • Legal fees – Lawyers fees are inevitable when claims are made. Insurance can cover the high legal costs of a claim. 
What isn’t covered in public liability insurance for dog groomers? 

Exclusions for public liability insurance for dog groomers can vary from policy to policy. Different insurance providers may have varying concerns about your business so their quotes may differ somewhat. In general, though, exclusions you might expect when it comes to your dog grooming business are as follows: 

  • Neglect or deliberate mistreatment of the animal 
  • Incidents that occur outside of business the scope of your business activities
  • The dog’s health issues that were not caused by the grooming 
  • Equipment loss or damage that was not specified in the contract 
  • Incidents with a dog while it is not under the direct supervision of the business 

When it comes to insurance you want to make sure that you’ve covered all of your bases. Think through all of your potential risks and include them in your policy, even if you have to take out an add-on. Unforeseen incidents happen to everyone. It’s better to be prepared for anything. Lastly, make sure to compare public liability insurance quotes for dog groomers to find the most competitive prices for your business.