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Mobile Beautician Insurance

If you’re a beauty therapist you might assume that public liability insurance is only relevant if you have a beauty salon that your customers visit. But if you’re a mobile beautician who visits customers in their own home it’s still possible that you might face a liability claim if an accident occurs and you’re held liable, which is why it would be worth considering mobile beautician insurance. 

Compare mobile beautician insurance now 

If I visit my customers in their own home how can there be a possibility that I might face a public liability claim? 

This type of policy is designed to protect you and your business from any liability claims you might face from members of the public, and as such the coverage isn’t limited to your own salon or beauty parlour. Accidents can occur in your customer’s own home, and if the accident happens because of your work or your equipment then you can still face a claim. 

Am I obligated to take out this type of policy though? 

If you are a beautician with a mobile beautician business, you are under no legal obligation to take out mobile beautician insurance, and if you aren’t operating from a salon there also isn’t likely to be a lease or rental agreement that necessitates you to have this type of insurance in place. 

Still, the right mobile beauty therapy insurance can protect your business from both possible legal costs and compensation fees that you need to pay out if you’re ever sued by a customer or another member of the public, so it’s worth considering even when it isn’t mandatory.  

Is mobile beautician insurance very expensive? 

No, in many cases you’ll be able to get an annual policy for between £100 and £200, although the exact premium you’ll be quoted will be based on the size of your business, how long you’ve been trading, the location of the business, the type of beauty treatments you offer and the level of coverage you decide to take out. 

With the help of a comparison site like Quotezone.co.uk, you’ll easily find unbiased comparisons between multiple insurance companies from across the UK. It might very well be more affordable than you’d expect. 

What level of coverage would you recommend? 

Like most other public liability insurance providers you’ll have the following four coverage levels to choose between: 

For most mobile beauty therapy businesses £2 million of coverage is likely to be enough, and even £1 million might be enough for smaller mobile beauty businesses. 

What types of risks does public liability insurance for a beauty therapist actually protect me against? 

Here are a few risks that are the most common that your mobile beauty therapy insurance will protect you against are: 

  • Third-party injury – whenever you are in contact with members of the public, this is a risk 
  • Damage to a member of the public’s property – this could be in the form of valuables or personal belongings 
  • Damage to a building or vehicle 

There may be other types of risks that you are concerned about. Make sure to communicate these clearly to your insurance provider so that you are not left disappointed in the future. 

And what things are likely to be excluded? 

Every policy will stipulate both the policy features as well as its range of exclusions. These are usually incidents that specifically will not be covered by the particular policy that you’ve taken out. Some of the most common exclusions are as follows: 

  • Deliberate property damage, vehicle damage or damage to valuables 
  • Injuries to members of the public that were caused deliberately 
  • Injuries to you or your staff members. For this, you would need employers’ liability insurance 

If you have questions about public liability insurance beyond the scope of PLI for mobile beauticians, you could enquire about bundling multiple types of insurance. This often leads to discounted prices. 

So if a member of my staff is injured and decides to sue me this type of policy won’t cover me? 

No, the public liability insurance element wouldn’t cover you in that scenario because PLI is only meant to protect your business from liability claims from members of the public. 

However, it’s usually possible to bundle employers’ liability insurance with your mobile beautician insurance, which means you then would be covered if an employee sued you. 

If I use the wrong beauty treatment and it damages or discolours the customer’s skin, will that be covered by my public liability insurance? 

No, mistakes like that generally won’t be covered by public liability insurance. However, you can take out professional indemnity insurance to cover you against that particular type of claim, and as with employers’ liability cover it’s usually possible to bundle professional indemnity with your policy when you’re taking out mobile beauty therapy insurance. 

Will my beauty equipment be covered? 

Not by the public liability insurance element of your policy, no. 

However, as with employers’ liability cover and professional indemnity cover, when you’re taking out mobile beauty therapy insurance you’ll usually have the option to bundle equipment cover with your policy, which would then cover you if something happened to your beauty equipment. 

Does this type of insurance policy impose an excess? 

Yes, as with most types of insurance, your mobile beautician insurance policy will impose an insurance excess. This you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket before the insurer pays out the balance of the claim. There may be varied options when it comes to paying excess. Ask your insurance provider whether or not it’s possible to pay a slightly higher premium in order to pay a lower excess in the event of a claim. 

The insurance excess can vary from one public liability insurance provider to the next, so it’s worth double-checking this before you sign on that dotted line