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Does Travel Insurance Cover Car Hire?



Planning a vacation or travelling abroad can be fun and exciting, but it is also difficult. There are many different aspects to think about and many different eventualities to plan for. If you are planning to hire a car at your destination, you may wonder whether or not travel insurance covers you for when you hire a car.

Does travel insurance cover car hire?

Most standard travel insurance does not cover the problems associated with hiring a rental car. However, you may be able to find travel insurance which includes car hire insurance. So shop around to find travel insurance with car hire.

What insurance do I need for rental car hire abroad?

When you hire a car, the car rental service may offer you insurance, or you may be able to get insurance with another organisation. This is important because hiring a car means you would have to pay if there is any damage to the car. This could include minor damage or scratches to the car, which is not usually something that people insure their own cars against.

It is worth checking to see if you can get travel insurance with your car hire.

How much can rental car excess be?

When hiring a rental car, you would have to pay an excess if there is any damage. This can be upwards of hundreds of pounds. In extreme cases, it could be thousands. This is much higher than the excess you get with a car insurance policy, and it can often be too much for people to handle and they get into financial trouble.

What does rental car insurance not cover?

Your car rental insurance may not cover you in some circumstances. For example, if you were driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the insurance may not be valid and you may have to pay for any repairs to the rental car yourself. This could also happen if you were driving recklessly by speeding. Refer to your policy for more specific details.

Does travel insurance with car hire make my premium more expensive?

Yes, adding any additional type of insurance to your travel insurance package can make it more expensive. However, you may be able to get a good deal by combining your insurance into one policy, which some insurance providers can offer.

What types of insurance can I get for a rental car?

You can often get the same types of insurance for a rental car as you can get for your own car. This includes fully comprehensive insurance. Fully comprehensive insurance means that you are covered for more problems than with basic insurance.

What about driving my own car?

Typically, if you want to drive your own car abroad, you will be able to find information about driving abroad. Some insurance providers will offer cover if you are driving abroad within their insurance policies. For some insurance policies, you will need to pay an additional premium to get insurance for driving your car abroad. This means it may or may not be cheaper to get a rental car.

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