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Tipper Truck Insurance – Compare Cheap Quotes

Whether your tipper truck is an Iveco, an Isuzu, a Renault or a Leyland, it’s a wise idea to shop around for the best tipper truck insurance quotes you can find. After all, your existing provider’s renewal quote often isn’t the best deal when your tipper truck insurance policy is up for renewal. In fact, you’re most likely guaranteed to miss out if you simply allow your tipper insurance to auto-renew.

Quotezone.co.uk’s dedicated truck insurance comparison service can help you compare tipper truck insurance quotes from a wide range of different insurance providers, which could increase your odds of finding the right policy at the right price.

Compare tipper truck insurance quotes now

How much does tipper truck insurance cost?

That’s a difficult question to answer, because your insurance premium will be affected by the sort of tipper truck you’re insuring as well as factors such as the truck’s engine size, weight and mileage. In short there are a number of factors unique to yourself which will determine your premiums.

There are a number of other factors that influence your premiums as well, such as the driver’s age and place of residence, the length of time they’ve held their licence, any points on their licence, and the value of their No-Claims Bonus.

Since so many factors are at play when it comes to the cost of your tipper truck insurance policy it’s impossible to predict how much you might be charged for insurance, unless you take out a quote. The best plan is to compare tipper truck insurance quotes from a range of different insurance companies, and then go with the one that offers the best tipper truck insurance cover at the best price.

Our tips for ensuring your tipper truck gets the right coverage:

  • Always check the price – This will give you a better idea of the cheapest truck insurance policies on the market for your requirements, and allow you to match your budget with the available policies.
  • Check what is exactly covered under the policy once you are happy with the price range – remember that the cheapest policy isn’t always the best. If you aren’t insured for the areas you need, then you won’t be saving much in the long run should you make a claim.
  • After finding the quote with the right coverage and price – simply proceed with the purchase and start driving with the peace of mind that your trucks are insured.

If you are operating a fleet of tipper trucks, a dedicated HGV fleet insurance policy may be the more cost effective option as opposed to insuring each tipper individually. 

How can I find cheaper tipper truck insurance?

Tipper truck insurance is never likely to be cheap, this is due to the fact that tipper trucks tend to be an expensive vehicle than is standard.  So even if you are a model driver, here are a few steps you can take to increase your odds of finding cheaper tipper truck insurance. For starters, you could:

  • Shop around – First and foremost, truck drivers and fleet managers should shop around by using a price comparison site like Quotezone.co.uk to compare tipper insurance quotes from a range of different truck insurance specialists.
  • Ensure truck drivers are experienced and have clean driving records – Truck insurance for young drivers tends to be prohibitively expensive, so it’s best to ensure that any truck drivers named on your tipper truck insurance policy are experienced drivers with clean driving records.
  • Avoid ‘any driver’ truck insurance – Truck insurance policies that insure any licenced truck driver to drive that lorry or HGV tend to be the most expensive option, because the insurer won’t have any information about the driver. It’s usually cheaper to add multiple named drivers to a tipper truck insurance policy than it is to opt for ‘any driver’ truck insurance.
What are the different types of Tipper Truck insurance?

As with car insurance, tipper truck insurance offers three levels of coverage:

  • Third party only truck insurance – (TPO) This is the minimum level of cover you must have by law in the UK if you drive vehicles on public roads. It covers the cost of damage done to other vehicles, people and their property in the event of an accident but won’t pay to fix any damage to your vehicles or your property.
  • Third party, fire and theft – (TPFT) This includes the coverage offered by TPO and also covers the cost of your vehicles if they are damaged by fire or are stolen.
  • Fully comprehensive truck insurance –  This gives you TPFT and also pays for damage done to your vehicles if they’re in an accident. Some policies will also include windscreen cover and pay to replace your belongings. This is usually the most expensive type of fleet insurance policy you can buy due to its superior coverage.

The level you choose is really dependent on your own needs as well as your budget. Third party only cover tends to be more cheap than comprehensive but this isn’t always the case. Due to the fact that riskier drivers tend to opt for cheaper insurance, insurers will typically adjust their prices depending on this risk. As a result it is recommended that you always compare all coverage levels to see which policies can offer you the most value for money.

Third party only truck insurance is the minimum level of coverage required by law in the UK so it’s very important to ensure that you have this coverage in place before you start operating.

What type of add-ons can I include with my Truck insurance policy?

As with many other types of insurance, you’ll be offered the option of including add ons to your policy which aren’t initially included. These add ons can vary from breakdown cover to replacement of lost keys.

To add on other types of insurance coverage to your truck insurance policy to give your fleet the extra protection it need. Add-ons can vary from insurer to insurer but there are some fairly common types which you’ll find for most insurers. For example common add-ons include:

  • Breakdown cover – This is not typically included as a standard on many truck insurance policies but can prove invaluable if one of your drivers needs roadside assistance.
  • Goods in transit insurance (GIT) – This covers you for any goods you’re transporting that meet your insurers criteria.
  • Employers’ liability – In the UK, you’ll need this by law if you have any employees. It pays for costs if a member of staff becomes ill or is injured because of work. If you employ staff without this type of insurance you could be fined £2,500 for every day you go without it. If you are operating a fleet of tippers, then you’ll need this cover.
  • Public liability – This pays legal fees and compensation if a member of the public has an accident or has their property damaged and blames your business.
  • Personal effects cover – This covers any personal possessions that are stolen or damaged from your Truck.
  • Legal expenses cover – This pays legal fees if you need to go to court.
  • Replacement locks – In case vehicle keys are lost or stolen, this will cover the cost of installing replacement locks.

Which add-ons you may choose will really be dependent on your requirements. For example If you use your tipper truck for construction and mining related work, then your requirements will likely differ from a company that uses their tipper for transportation only.

Can Quotezone.co.uk help me get cheaper truck insurance?

At Quotezone.co.uk, we are insurance comparison experts. We help motorists and businesses find cheaper insurance by connecting them to quotes from a large panel of UK based specialist providers. This increases your chances of finding the cheapest tipper truck insurance policies, as you will have a greater selection of fleet and individual truck insurance quotes to compare simply by filling in one quick form. By filling in a quick form with your relevant details we can offer you quotes from top UK based insurance providers so you can start comparing in moments.