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Compare Broadband in Edinburgh

Broadband Comparison Edinburgh

Looking to switch broadband providers in Edinburgh? Overwhelmed by the number of packages available? The key to finding your perfect package is understanding what internet speeds you really need.

A house full of gamers and steamers will require faster speeds, whereas those that use their wifi connection to send emails and browse online can opt for a cheaper package with slower speeds.

If it’s time for you to make the switch, Quotezone’s independent [broadband comparison Edinburgh service](https://www.quotezone.co.uk/utilities/broadband) will connect you with your ideal supplier in just a few clicks.


What is the best broadband in Edinburgh?

This will depend on your individual needs and budget:

  • If you require speed, consider Virgin Media O2 (if your address supports their high-speed packages), Fuel Broadband or HyperOptic.
  • If cost is a concern, Shell Energy,  Virgin Media O2, PlusNet and TalkTalk have excellent value packages in Edinburgh.
  • Light internet users will get great savings from BT, italk, PlusNet, EE, Direct Save and Now Broadband.

What type of broadband is available in Edinburgh?

Fibre-optic broadband now serves more [homes](https://www.quotezone.co.uk/home-insurance) and businesses across Edinburgh than ever before. There has been mass upgrading of the Openreach network in the area to FTTP: a much faster type of broadband which connects directly into a property.

It’s not just Openreach who are improving broadband speeds here: Virgin Media O2 is also extending their Edinburgh network.  Some locations are even receiving Virgin Media’s gigabit broadband, which offers the fastest broadband speeds.

Not all areas get these high speed fibre connections yet, but they can still receive excellent service from providers via ADSL. Though infamous for its slow speeds, ADSL broadband in Edinburgh is well above the national average in terms of speed, at 10 Mbps.


Which is the most popular Edinburgh broadband provider?

Virgin Media O2 is Edinburgh’s most popular provider.  With their notoriously fast speeds and packages with additional services, this company really suits the modern internet user and business in the city.


What is the best broadband provider for students in Edinburgh?

As a student, fast broadband speeds are important – especially if you have housemates who’ll be sharing the broadband with you.

If budget is a concern, as long as there are fewer than three of you sharing the broadband, you can probably manage on a cheap 10 Mbps download speed package.

If speed is key, opt for a fibre package, choosing what can afford in the 50 Mbps to 1 Gbps range.


Ready to switch? [Compare internet providers in Edinburgh now.](https://www.quotezone.co.uk/utilities/broadband)

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