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Yacht Insurance – Compare Cheap Quotes

Whether you own a small yacht, a large yacht or a ‘superyacht’, it would be a wise idea to take out a suitable yacht insurance policy to protect your investment. After all, even a small yacht is likely to be at least 33 feet in length with a cabin that can accommodate multiple guests overnight, which means they’re usually worth at least £100,000, and some are worth upwards of £1 million.

Of course, the best yacht insurance policies won’t just help you cover the cost if your own vessel is damaged or stolen – they’ll also cover the cost of damage to other boats if you’re involved in an accident and you are held liable.

Finally, some fully-comprehensive yacht insurance policies will also cover the cost of replacing the contents of your yacht if your vessel is ever burgled – provided the yacht was securely locked at the time of the crime, of course.

Still, just because yacht insurance is a wise investment doesn’t mean you should pay over the odds for your policy. And that’s where we come in.

Quotezone.co.uk’s boat insurance comparison service could help you find cheaper yacht insurance quotes, by comparing policies from a wide range of different boat insurance specialists.

Compare yacht insurance quotes now

Does it cost more to insure a large yacht than it does a small yacht?

A small yacht is usually classed as one that is at least 33 feet in length, while a large yacht is usually 79 feet or more. All other things being equal, it stands to reason that a large yacht is likely to be worth more than a small yacht, which means large yacht insurance will often cost more than small yacht insurance.

However, the size of the vessel isn’t the only factor that determines its value, and boat insurance companies will also use a wide range of other variables when calculating the cost of your yacht insurance, including the age of the yacht, where it’s moored, its make and model and the type of engine it has.

So if you’re considering buying a yacht and are wondering how much yacht insurance might cost for the vessel you have in mind, the best plan is to use Quotezone.co.uk’s yacht insurance comparison service to compare real quotes from a range of different insurance providers.

Do marinas insist on yachts being insured before they can berth there?

Yes, if you’re planning to berth your yacht at a marina there’s a very good chance that they will require your yacht to have a suitable yacht insurance policy in place.

The reason they insist on this is that third party only insurance can help protect their other members and visitors if your own yacht damages someone else’s vessel (or damages the marina’s own property, for that matter).           

What’s the minimum level of cover I can get when I’m buying yacht insurance?

When insuring a yacht third party only insurance will be the minimum level of cover you can take out, which will usually provide you with up to £1 million of cover for damage to third party vessels or their property.

However, as the name suggests this type of insurance will only cover third parties, which means any damage to your own yacht wouldn’t be covered. Given the average value of a yacht, it would be worth considering fully-comprehensive yacht insurance instead in order to ensure you have the best yacht insurance possible.

OK, but how much does yacht insurance cost?

Yachts can range in value from £100,000 for a small yacht up to £30 million or £40 million for a superyacht, so there’s no way to answer that question without taking all of the variables and risk factors into account.

Rather than trying to use averages to try to predict how much your yacht insurance might cost, the best plan is to use our price comparison service to compare yacht insurance quotes from a range of different insurance companies, and then go with the one that offers the best coverage at the best price.