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Pop-up Campervan Insurance

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Pop-up Campervan Insurance

Pop-up campervans come in a number of styles making them ideal when it comes to flexible accommodation. To find pop-up campervan insurance that can keep up with your on the road adventures, here’s what to consider.

What does pop-up campervan insurance cover?

Like other types of campervan and motorhome insurance, cover for your pop-up campervan will compensate you for a range of events, including theft and damage. Events covered will depend on the level of insurance you choose:

  • Third-party only – policies compensate other people for injuries or damage you cause but won’t cover your pop-up if it’s damaged. It’s the lowest level of cover you can have in the UK.
  • Third-party, fire and theft – as well as third-party only cover, these policies will also compensate you if your camper is stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive – provides third-party, fire and theft cover and will also pay to repair or replace your pop-up campervan if it’s involved in an accident. It’s the highest level of cover you can buy.
What other features should pop-up camper insurance include?

Insurers usually offer other features, which you can add on to your policy if they aren’t already included as standard.

Generally speaking, you’ll find comprehensive policies include the widest range of features which can make them good value for money. In contrast, cheaper policies may only include minimal coverage while adding on extras can increase costs considerably. Features to consider includes cover for:

  • Awnings
  • Misfuelling
  • European travel
  • Spare parts
  • Windscreen and glass
  • Legal expenses
  • Personal possessions
  • Camping equipment
Does the type of pop-up top matter for insurance?

Whether your camper is a high-top or has a fixed roof or raised roof is important and it can affect your premium. This is because different roof types are associated with different risks. For example, pop-ups made of fabric could be more likely to rip or tear which can lead to an expensive claim.

If your insurer doesn’t have the right information, your policy could become invalid and you can be refused compensation.

Do I need pop top campervan insurance all year round?

Unless you have a statutory off road notification (SORN), your camper must be insured. This is because the UK has continuous insurance enforcement (CIE) in place.

A SORN is simply an official declaration that your vehicle has been taken off the road. If you don’t have insurance or a SORN, you can be fined and be given six penalty points. In extreme cases, you could even lose your driving licence.

Can I buy temporary pop-up campervan insurance?  

Annual insurance tends to be the most common type of cover bought but you can buy short-term or temporary policies. These are ideal if you only use your pop-up for summer holidays or short road trips.

Short-term cover is very flexible and policies can last from days to weeks or a few months. Just bear in mind that while this can save you money, annual policies are still likely to be cheaper per day.

Is pop-up camper insurance expensive?

The cost of insurance really depends on your own circumstances so premiums can vary considerably. To work out your policy price, insurers will consider:

  • Age – younger drivers pay significantly more than other age groups.
  • Address – areas with higher than average crime rates attract higher premiums.
  • Security – you can keep premiums low by making your camper harder to steal or damage, for example investing in an immobiliser or alarm system.
  • Mileage – travelling more miles increases the risk of an accident which can lead to higher premiums.
  • The type of camper you have – your camper’s age, value, engine size and roof type can influence insurance costs.
  • Modifications – changes to your camper can increase premiums as it’s likely to cost more to repair or replace.
How can I get cheap pop-up campervan insurance?

Policies should reflect your needs but there are ways to keep costs down without cutting back on cover, for example:  

  • Pay for your policy in one lump sum
  • Add a more experienced named driver to your policy
  • Increase your voluntary excess
  • Limit the number of miles you do
  • Join an owners’ club, this can sometimes give you discounts on cover.