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Can I teach someone to drive in my car?



Are you trying to learn to drive? Are you a friend or family member of a learner driver who wants to help out? Here at Quotezone.co.uk, we can help you figure out when and if it is safe to help someone learn to drive in the UK. We can go a step further and help you compare quotes on insurance for teaching a learner driver. You will find all the information you need about learning to drive in a friend’s car or teaching someone to drive legally, below.

Can I let a friend teach me to drive?

Yes, you can let a friend teach you to drive. But you will need to make sure that they meet the a few legal requirements for teaching driving in the UK. These apply to learning to drive without payment, and include:

  • Having a roadworthy car that is fully taxed, insured, and they are qualified to drive. 
  • They must have had their full driving lisence for at least 3 years.
  • Technically, they must be over twenty-one. However, most insurers will require them to be over twenty-five years old, so it is essential to check this in their policy details. 

Can a family member teach me to drive?

A family member can teach you to drive. They need the full tax, insurance, and licensing to do so. They must be over 25 and have three years of driving experience.

Can I teach someone to drive my car?

You can teach someone to drive in your car but you must inform your insurance company that you are teaching a learner driver. If you know you will be teaching a learner driver when you take out your insurance policy, you can use our site to help you. Quotezone lets you compare insurance quotes from different providers. You can easily source a better insurance provider with our help.

What insurance do I need for teaching someone to drive?

If you are teaching someone to drive you must name the learner driver on your insurance policy as exactly that. You should not name them as another driver with a full license as they will only be using a provisional lisence until they pass their test. You cannot legally teach someone to drive until you are at least twenty-five and have three years plus of driving experience. At this point, you can then teach someone to drive.

When can I teach someone to drive legally?

After you hit twenty five and have accumulated those crucial three years of experience with a full lisence. This only applies to the UK. Your country may have different rules.

How to teach someone to drive?

The best way to teach someone to drive is as a complement to professional driving lessons. The RAC recommends you need twenty hours of practice plus forty-five hours of driving lessons to pass your driving test. When you are teaching someone to drive, you supply the twenty hours of practice. You are there to watch and supply advice where possible.

Is it OK to teach a learner to drive in the UK?

It is fine to teach a learner driver to drive in the UK as long as you meet the above requirements.

Where can I compare quotes on insurance for teaching someone to drive?

If you are looking for insurance coverage for a learner driver on your vehicle you can contact your current insurer to add them as a learner on your existing policy. Otherwise you can compare a vast range of insurance for teaching learner drivers on Quotezone.

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