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Do you have to resit your driving test at 70?


If you or a loved one are approaching seventy you might be wondering what age you have to retake your driving test. Eyesight and other medical conditions can often affect driving ability, so it’s important to be aware of new rules for older drivers over 70 in the UK.

Do you have to retake your driving test at 70?

There is a common belief that you have to retake your driving test at 70 in the UK, however, this isn’t the case. Government guidelines for older drivers simply require drivers to renew their license when they turn 70, and every three years after this.

The DVLA will contact you about three months before your 70th birthday, providing you with a D46P license renewal application. You can fill out this paper form, or complete the same one online, for free.

If you have any additional entitlements on your driving license, for example driving a minibus, you will need to provide a doctor’s medical examination report to confirm your fitness to drive. You do not need a doctor’s report simply to renew a standard driving license once you reach 70 and beyond.

When you are asked to repeat this renewal process every three years after you’ve reached 70, you are allowed to make your own personal judgement as to whether or not you’re still fit to drive a car. You can also self-declare that your eyesight meets the minimum required standard.

How can I tell if I’m fit to drive?

Undertaking regular eye tests will let you know whether your eyesight is good enough and you can visit the DVLA’s website to check whether you have any of the medical conditions which are flagged as problematic.

If you’re still not sure about driving in your 70s, a health provider or GP can be instructed to perform a medical assessment on you to determine whether or not you’re safe to continue driving. Get more information on doing a fitness to drive assessment.

What happens if my eyesight doesn’t meet the required standard for a driving license renewal at 70?

It’s very important that you stop driving if you find your eyesight doesn’t currently meet the requisite level.

If you know about this and then renew your license after the age of seventy, stating that your eyesight is good enough, you could be fined up to £1000.  If you are involved in a collision and have made a false declaration, you may face prosecution.

If you’ve had an eye test because you’ve received your renewal application and found out your eyesight is too poor, discuss with your optician whether a change of prescription would bring you up to the right level. If not, you will have to stop driving.

Will I need to stop driving if I have a mobility issue?

No, not necessarily. The government and DVLA encourage older drivers with mobility issues to visit a Mobility Assessment Centre.  Here, you will be assessed and then appropriate driving assistance equipment or vehicle adaptation measures can be discussed. These could ultimately allow you to keep on driving safely if you had previously been struggling.

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