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When Do You Get Offered A Speed Awareness Course?



In the UK, the police might offer you the chance to go on a speed awareness course. This only happens under particular circumstances. The course is an alternative to avoid placing points on your license as a rogue driver. If police offer you a speed awareness course, it may impact the cost of your car insurance in future. Here is everything you ought to know about completing a speed awareness course and how it will affect your driving career, including speed awareness course criteria.

What is a speed awareness course?

This course focuses on speed limits and urges drivers towards increased awareness of these limits. Drivers who the police catch speeding may be ignorant of the speed limits, rather than deliberately breaking the law. A speed awareness course acts as a deterrent against any future speed limit violations.

Why do police offer them?

A speed awareness course is a series of classes provided for drivers who police catch speeding. If the police catch you speeding, they may add points to your license. If it is a first offence, they may offer you the chance to avoid those license points by taking the awareness course.

It is through circumstances such as these that you’ll be offered a speed awareness course.

What can you expect from a speed awareness course?

There are usually no practical tests in a speed awareness course however some providers may include in-car training. It is usually a training session where you learn about speed limits through discourse and study.

Can you fail a speed awareness course?

You cannot fail the course. All you have to do is show up and listen. You must be an active participant, but there is no exam to pass or fail. Not participating however will count as a fail and so may lead to you incurring points or a court summons.

How long does a speed awareness course stay on my driver’s record?

A speed awareness course will remain on your driver’s record for 3.5 years from the date of the offence. If you need to repeat a speed training course in that time, you may receive points on your license, instead.

What happens at online speed awareness courses?

An online speed awareness course is the same as an in-person course. You receive the same information but you stay home. The class is smaller. You sign in via virtual waiting room and use video and voice chat to communicate. Again you must attend and participate in the course or your case could be referred back to the police.

Will my insurance change after a speed awareness course?

Insurers may respond to your speed awareness course with elevated prices. You can still get insurance as a convicted driver. If you’re looking for good convicted drivers’ car insurance in the UK, you can use the Quotezone online quote comparison tool, It’s simple and effective. You could have quotes in a few minutes and be back on the road with cover in no time.

Where can I compare car insurance quotes?

You can compare quotes on car insurance and on convicted car driver’s insurance, through the Quotezone website. It’s an uncomplicated way to find out how much your speed awareness course will affect your insurance.

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