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Convicted Drivers Insurance

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Cheap Convicted Drivers Insurance

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Convicted driver insurance comparison

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Excessive points on your license, speeding, or dangerous driving can all lead to a driving ban, and you may have to retake your test. If you’re returning to driving after serving a ban, we could help you find an insurance policy that meets your needs and suits your pocket. Were completely unbiased as we aren’t owned by, or have any investment from, any insurance companies. With our simple system, and panel of UK insurance providers, you could get a convicted driver insurance quote to suit your needs. Our panel will contact you at a time that suits you to discuss all of your policy requirements to help you make an informed decision regarding your next insurance cover.

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Convicted Driver Insurance Guide

Insurance for convicted drivers who have previously been convicted of a driving or criminal offence could be significantly more expensive than insurance for other drivers. This may be because the conviction represents a higher level of risk, and insurers increase premiums for these drivers accordingly. UK convicted driver insurance is very similar to insurance for other drivers, but there are some key differences. One of these is simply that for convicted drivers, standard insurance could be very difficult to obtain. Note, however, that car insurance is mandatory for all vehicles driven on the road.

Convicted drivers are typically required to disclose unspent convictions when they obtain quotes from insurance companies. Convictions become spent after a certain amount of time has elapsed, and after this time they do not have to be declared to an insurance provider. The time for a conviction to become spent ranges from five years for fines or community service, to ten years for convictions of up to 30 months. Convictions of more than 30 months never become unspent, and must always be disclosed.

Convicted drivers who aren’t able to obtain insurance from a standard provider might obtain insurance from a specialist convicted driver insurance provider.

Levels of Coverage
  • Third party: This applies if a convicted driver is in an accident for which they are deemed legally responsible. If this happens, their third party insurance could cover the costs of repairing the other vehicle involved in the accident, as well as any of the other driver’s medical costs. Third party insurance does not necessarily cover the convicted driver’s repair costs or medical expenses if they are responsible for the accident. This insurance level is the minimum legal requirement for all cars, unless issued with a Statutory Off-Road Notification.
  • Third party, fire, and theft: This insurance could cover loss due to theft and damage due to fire, as well as providing third party cover.
  • Comprehensive cover: In addition to third party, fire, and theft, comprehensive insurance may cover damage to the convicted driver’s vehicle if they are in an accident for which they are responsible.
Optional Extras

Drivers could add one or more options to their insurance policy for additional protection, but these add ons might increase the cost of premiums. Options could include breakdown insurance, which provides roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown, and legal expenses cover for situations where a third party involved in an accident makes a compensation claim.

Another option is windscreen cover, which is typically included in comprehensive policies but is not always standard for third party insurance.

Black Box Policies

Black box insurance could make use of a device that resembles the black boxes used in aircraft. The black box is a small device that uses satellite technology to record information about how a car is driven. It’s fitted inside the car, and records information such as time of day, breaking and acceleration habits, driving speed, mileage, and cornering. This information helps insurers assess the risk level of the driver, and may mean that a convicted driver could earn lower premiums by driving safely, keeping their mileage low, and avoiding night-time driving.

How Insurance Groups Affect Premiums

Insurance companies typically categorise all cars into one of 50 separate groups on the basis of factors such as the price, performance level, and engine power of each car make and model. These groups represent levels of risk, and are used to calculate base premium prices. The lower a car’s group designation, the lower the premium could be. Note, however, that even though a lower group designation might reduce the base premium cost, it might still cost more for a convicted driver to insure their car in comparison to a standard driver.

Comparing Convicted Driver Insurance Policies

Convicted drivers may often find it hard to get insurance. While any conviction could make getting car insurance more difficult, it might be particularly hard for drivers who have been convicted of driving offences. In all cases, convicted drivers could pay higher premiums for their car insurance, making it especially important to shop around online and compare convicted driver policies to find good deals.

  • Policy comparisons may include factors such as excess, coverage, optional add ons, and exclusions.
  • In some cases comprehensive cover is similar in price to third party insurance, so it could always be worth looking at comprehensive insurance when making comparisons.
  • Many convicted drivers might find it worthwhile to consider black box insurance, which could reduce their premium costs over time if they establish good driving habits. When comparing black box policies, look at the negative consequences as well as the positive ones. For example, if a convicted driver is involved in an accident, or is found to be driving irresponsibly, the black box records this too, and premiums could be adjusted upwards accordingly.
  • In some cases adding a convicted driver’s car to a household car insurance policy may reduce the costs, so be sure to compare the two if a household car insurance policy exists. However, note that some insurers may refuse to insure the convicted driver.
Minimising Premium Costs

While it could prove tricky to get convicted driver insurance cheap, a convicted driver may have a number of options to try and reduce the cost of premiums.

  • If possible, insure a car in one of the lowest insurance groups, to potentially reduce the base premium.
  • Choose a high voluntary excess to try to bring the premium price down.
  • Opt for a black box insurance policy which could help reduce premiums over time. For best results, drive safely, reduce mileage, and avoid driving at night.
  • Avoid making claims to earn a no-claims discount in future years.
  • Pay premiums on an annual basis rather than monthly.
  • Completing an advanced driver course may help reduce premiums.
  • Increase the car’s security with a wheel lock or other mechanical immobilising device or an alarm. Park the car off-road, in a driveway or locked garage, if possible.

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