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Compare Bugatti Veyron insurance

Use our quick and easy comparison tool to compare Bugatti Veyron insurance quotes. Quotes often vary between providers, so we search top insurers to find you the best deals. Find out all the important information to help you choose the right insurance policy for you below.


How much does it cost to insure a Bugatti Veyron?

Bugattis are supercars and the Veyron has a value of around £1million. Although it is not as expensive as the Chiron, comparing Bugatti Veyron insurance still means being prepared to pay a substantial sum for the necessary cover.

Bugatti Veyron owners, as with other high-value supercar owners, should expect 1-1.5% of the value of the car as the annual insurance premium. While standard road cars may require annual premiums of several hundred pounds, for the Veyron owners or potential owners will need to be prepared to expect and annual premium of around £10,000-£15,000, depending on the specific model.


What types of cover are there?

For UK road driving, the minimum legal cover is third-party insurance. Although a Bugatti Veyron may not see much use on the roads, third-party insurance is required for even a handful of miles. This will protect drivers against any cost of repairing another driver’s car.

Alternatively, comprehensive insurance protects against repairs to your own vehicle, allowing an insurer to cover the cost of repairs once any excesses have been paid. Excesses will impact the cost of quotes when comparing insurance, and any extras added on to an insurance policy, will also add to the final agreed cost.


What are excesses?

Excesses are the agreed amounts that a driver pays towards any repair costs, before the insurer covers the remaining costs. Reducing excesses can increase insurance premiums, as the insurer will need to pay more. But if you want to cut insurance costs, you can agree to pay a higher excess. This will lower the amount that your provider will need to pay towards repairing damage, and so your insurance premium.

Comparing Bugatti Veyron insurance will mean considering expensive insurance policies, which will require a minimum excess of thousands of pounds simply because of the value of the car.


How do I accept an insurance quote for my Bugatti Veyron?

Once you have used our comparison tool to look for Veyron insurance quotes, you may be able to accept a quote online and complete the transaction. However, some insurers may need you to call to confirm you are happy with the quote and to accept a policy.

You should be able to accept an insurance quote up until the start date of the policy, although after that date you will need to find more quotes. Simply complete a fresh search to compare Bugatti Veyron quote, and consider the policy that is best for you.

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