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Compare crop insurance policies from specialist farm insurance providers

If you’re a crop farmer you will be well of the many dangers that could damage or destroy your crops and curtail your harvest, from floods to fires to storms. That’s why the right crop insurance policy is a wise investment for every crop farmer.

What is crop insurance?

Crop insurance is a type of farm insurance policy that is designed to protect the financial interests of crop farmers. Whether you’re a grain farmer who grows corn, wheat or barley, or you’re a fruit farmer who grows strawberries, raspberries or apples, the right crop insurance policy can cover you against a wide range of ‘insurable events’ that could impact your crop.

Does crop insurance cover damage caused by hail?

Yes, the best crop insurance policies should cover you against the risk of storm damage, including damage to crops that might be caused by hailstorms.

Hailstorms can prove particularly catastrophic for fruit farmers, so it’s definitely worth ensuring you’re covered.

Does crop insurance cover damage caused by trespassers?

Yes, although the most common reason for claiming on your crop insurance is damage caused by climatic events like flash floods or storms, crop damage caused by other factors like trespassers or wild campers is likely to be covered as well.

Of course, if the amount of damage they’ve caused is relatively minor then it might not be worth claiming on your insurance, given the fact that the lost revenue might be fairly small, but that will require a judgement call on your part. 

How much does crop insurance cost?

That will depend on a range of different risk factors, many of which are specific to your farm and your crops.

For instance, your farm’s location will be taken into consideration, as will the size of the farm, the types of crops you’re growing and estimated market value of those crops.

The best plan is to compare crop insurance quotes from a range of different providers, and then go with the one that offers the best coverage at the best price.