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Farm vehicle insurance

When it comes to running a farm it is likely that the farm business has a number of different sizes and types of vehicle associated with it. The farm vehicles could range from a regular car to large agricultural machinery such as tractors, balers and combine harvesters. Depending on the scale of the vehicle these business assets could be worth a considerable sum of money and the farm needs them in good working order to keep things running smoothly.

Having farm machinery could mean that some vehicles are driven by different people at different times and could also mean that some are used on roads in the UK but others stay solely on farm land. Either way this mixture of usage and sizes could cause farmers in the UK a headache when it comes to insurance. This is where farm vehicle insurance could come in as this type of policy is typically designed solely for farmers where a multitude of vehicles could be used as part of running a farm.

Getting UK farm vehicle insurance could give valuable peace of mind to farmers as it could mean they are all protected under a single policy rather than having individual policies for each vehicle. This could also mean that any farm worker could drive the vehicles rather than a single named person and that breakdown cover could even be added. A farm vehicle insurance policy could be put in place and save a lot of hassle and paperwork.

To compare farm vehicle insurance in the UK a farmer could search online for a range of quotes. This could be more convenient than going over all the details repeatedly to individual insurers. Using a comparison might also offer financial savings as costs might be reduced having everything under one policy. To compare policies could be a significant saving for farmers looking for a good deal.

Farm Vehicle Insurance

As a farmer or land owner protecting the vehicles used for agricultural purposes could be essential in order to keep a farm running smoothly. Having land machinery, tractors or other farm vehicles out of order or subjected to damage or theft could be extremely problematic to daily operations, particularly if there is only one main vehicle or tractor. Being without a farm vehicle may mean even the most basic of tasks don’t get done and so preparing for every eventuality could be a wise step for farmers and farm managers.

Purchasing farm vehicle insurance

One of the best ways of giving a farm some security over their farm vehicles might be to have robust farm vehicle insurance. This may give some peace of mind that if something was to do wrong with a farm vehicle it could be replaced or the costs recovered via this type of insurance policy. This could apply to a farm digger, tractor or other piece of essential farm vehicular equipment. Having no access to a farm vehicle could mean crops are left vulnerable or animals unreachable so it could be well worth being prepared in this way.

What makes farm vehicle insurance important?

Having farm vehicle insurance could protect a tractor or another farm vehicle involved in fire, theft or in an accident. It could mean being able to protect a range of farm vehicles from small to large under one policy. This could mean that there are cost savings to be made and it could be much easier to keep track of the insurance details of each vehicle. Whilst it might not be a legal requirement to insure farm vehicles if they aren’t used on UK roads it could be very costly to replace a farm vehicle and as such it could be a very wise investment.

What is likely to be covered by farm vehicle insurance?

Before taking out any insurance policy it is probably a worthwhile step to check what is covered by a particular policy. With regards to farm vehicle insurance it may be a range of activities including damage, theft or loss of any farm vehicle detailed on a policy.

A typical policy may cover farm vehicles such as tractors but could also cover lorries or trailers or other types of farm machinery. It may be possible to get cover for personal use only or for use with limited mileage although it may be necessary to check with the insurance company before signing up.

It might be possible to insure a vintage tractor also depending on the make, model and the purpose for which it could be used. Again it might be worth checking with the insurance provider.

Is it possible to get cheap farm vehicle insurance?

People don’t necessarily want to pay lots for an insurance policy. At the same time they don’t usually want to pay themselves if things go wrong either which is why an appropriate farm vehicle policy could be required in the first place.

Cheap farm vehicle insurance may not be a given even when shopping online but it could be worth exploring different options with different insurance companies as getting a range of quotes could give the best price. Many people might prefer to compare farm vehicle insurance as this could save time and money overall. Using a comparison company to do the hard work and contact the insurers or brokers for their best deal could be a hassle free solution to shopping for farm vehicle cover.

To compare farm vehicle insurance may be relatively straightforward and could involve just a few details provided initially in order to get an idea of prices for a full policy without commitment to purchase.

How old do farm vehicle drivers need to be to get insurance?

Usually the driver of any heavy goods or farm vehicle could need to be 25 or over in order to drive and be insured in the UK. This may depend on the type of vehicle as well as the driver experience and license type. It might always be worth checking with the insurance company first as they may be able to tailor a policy to specific needs.

Whilst younger people might drive a tractor even without a license in some cases if the vehicle is driven on private land it is usually worth checking the terms and conditions to ensure that protection may be in place if needed.

Types of farm vehicle insurance

It could be possible to insure a farm vehicle in one of three ways, similar to any other kind of vehicle made for UK roads.

Third party – this could cover any third party if the farm vehicle may be used in an accident, death or injury of a third party, including injury to any passengers.

Third party, fire and theft – this is usually the same as third party with the addition of protection in the event of a vehicle being stolen or fire.

Comprehensive – this typically is the most coverage available for a vehicle. It could help protect in a range of circumstances including everything third party, fire and theft offers but also could cover repairs to the insured vehicle too.

Some tractor or farm vehicles may never be driven on UK roads however it could still be important to insure the vehicles as they could represent a large investment. Making enquiries about what is possible with a comparison service could give the most information for farm vehicle owners.