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Compare goods in transit & public liability insurance from UK insurance providers

What is goods in transit & public liability insurance?

There are all kinds of business insurances that could help protect a UK business in the long run from loss or damage costs. You may wish to look for UK goods in transit and public liability insurance if your business carries goods from one location to another, for example delivering them to your customers. It doesn’t matter if you create those goods yourself or deliver them on behalf of another business: the insurance could cover your goods in each case.

Another option you could think about is public liability insurance. Indeed you may be able to get cheap goods in transit and public liability insurance rolled under one policy. This would mean you wouldn’t have to shop around for two separate policies since the two go together, reducing the admin time spent manging your cover. Public liability can insure you for any damage done to the goods you transport or damages, injuries caused to a member of the public as a result of your goods.

What are the benefits of combined goods in transport and public liability insurance policies?

Insurance policies tend to be flexible packages with room for add-ons as well as specialisations. This means that whilst you may hold a standard fleet insurance policy for your delivery business, you can choose to have a goods in transit policy added on as an extra to your policy. The benefits of add-on options are that they offer you more protection as well as customisability around your insurance.

  • Customisable – Having the ability to tailor your insurance to your specific coverage needs is a big plus in the eyes of many businesses. Insurers have realised this and are generally willing to provide significant flexibility around their insurance offerings to attract those who require a more tailored form of cover. 
  • More comprehensive coverage – The ability to incorporate additional add-ons into your core policy provides businesses with even greater protection against liability claims as well as loss of goods.
  • Can be more cost effective – By choosing to add public liability to a goods in transport policy you may be able to save as opposed to taking out a separate policy. This is typical practice of many insurers in order to get you to consider additional insurance products you may not have initially considered.
  • It’s convenient – Combining your goods in transport insurance with public liability insurance can provide you with the convenience of managing your policies collectively. This means that your business admin won’t be tied down dealing with multiple quotes for your fleet and can instead deal directly with one policy.
How can Quotezone help to find cheap goods in transit & public liability insurance?

It can be a good idea to compare all of the available options when shopping around for goods in transit and public liability insurance. Some companies have more experience in offering these policies in the UK.

To start using Quotezone today, simply enter your details within our online form now, and we will then attempt to match you with one of our panel of UK insurance providers who will then contact you directly to discuss a suitable quote. All we request is that all information entered within our form is accurate and up to date.

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