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Teacher Health Insurance

Health Insurance for Teachers

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Health Insurance for Teachers

Although we’re very fortunate to have the NHS, you probably won’t be surprised to learn that NHS waiting times can sometimes be painfully long, which can pose a problem (and add to your stress levels) if you ever develop a condition that requires faster treatment.  

According to the annual Teacher Wellbeing Index compiled by Education Support, an education charity, mental health is a major concern for teachers in the UK, with shockingly high rates of stress, anxiety and depression among teaching staff. In fact, more than three-quarters of teachers have experienced mental health issues due to the level of stress they experience at work. 

While a teacher’s stress isn’t likely to magically disappear overnight, the good news is that if you do decide to invest in a teacher health insurance policy there’s a very good chance this insurance will cover mental health issues as well as physical ones. 

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I don’t have to take out this type of policy, do I? 

No, health insurance for a teacher isn’t compulsory in the UK, so if you’d prefer to do so you can choose to save the cost of your teacher health insurance and use the NHS if and when you require medical treatment. 

Is teacher health insurance worth the money though? 

As with other types of insurance, the hope is that you’ll never actually get sick enough to have to use your teacher health insurance policy – and some people might argue that it’s not good value for money if it’s never used. 

But what this type of policy is actually offering is peace of mind – confidence that you will be seen quickly and offered treatment as soon as possible if you do experience a medical issue. Given that health insurance for teachers is often surprisingly cheap, that peace of mind just might be worth that cost. 

 How much do teachers pay for health insurance

The insurance premium calculation for your teacher health insurance policy will take a wide range of different risk factors into account, including your age, your location, your lifestyle, your smoking habits, your claims history and the level of insurance coverage you want, so it’s impossible to give an accurate estimate without taking those risk factors into account.  

But what we can say is that this type of private health insurance is often cheaper than people assume, with ‘treatment only’ plans for individuals sometimes costing as little as £15 to £20 a month

Is it true that my policy will cost a lot more if I’m a smoker? 

Yes, that’s true. Smoking is a major risk factor when it comes to health insurance, so your policy is likely to cost considerably more if you do smoke.  

There are many good reasons to give up smoking – and cheaper health insurance is another one of them. With some providers, your premium might not fall significantly until you’ve given up for a full year, but in the long run, quitting smoking could save you a lot. 

Are there other things I can do to reduce my premiums? 

Making other improvements to your lifestyle, such as reducing the amount of alcohol you consume, eating better and getting more exercise, could result in cheaper health insurance premiums – either directly, when the insurance provider factors those things into their insurance premium calculations, or indirectly, by reducing the likelihood of a health insurance claim pushing next year’s premium up. 

What happens if my lifestyle actually worsens after I take out teachers’ health insurance? 

If that lifestyle change is very significant (for instance, you weren’t a smoker when you took out the policy but have since started smoking) you will need to inform your insurer of this, as it will need to be factored into the insurance premium calculation. 

What does health insurance for teachers cover me against? 

The exact coverage your teacher health insurance will offer you will depend on which insurance provider you go with and the level of coverage you take out with that provider, but in most cases ‘treatment only’ plans will offer: 

  • Outpatient care with a doctor or therapist after a diagnosis 
  • In patient care in a hospital after a diagnosis 
  • Scans or blood tests after a course of treatment 

If you opt for a more ‘treatment only’ plan then your condition will usually have to be diagnosed by the NHS before your policy will cover outpatient or in-patient care, while a more comprehensive ‘treatment and diagnosis’ plan can include private diagnosis instead of NHS diagnosis. 

What about mental health conditions, will those be covered? 

Most private health insurance policies do include coverage for mental health conditions, but it’s worth reading the policy’s terms and conditions before you sign up to make sure it covers you.  

What will be excluded from coverage? 

Again, policy exclusions will vary from one teacher health insurance provider to the next, but some of the most common things health insurance policies might exclude from coverage are: 

  • Pre-existing conditions 
  • Diabetes life insurance
  • Treatment for asthma 
  • Treatment for allergies or food intolerances 
  • Pregnancy care 
  • Treatment for menopause 

What about emergency medical treatment, will that be covered? 

No, if you have to visit A&E in a medical emergency this type of policy usually won’t cover that. 

Should I wait until I have a known medical condition before I take out a policy? That way I’ll be sure I’ll get my money’s worth? 

No, if you do decide to invest in teacher health insurance it would be best to take out the policy before you were diagnosed with any serious medical conditions because most health insurance providers will consider anything diagnosed before the policy start date as a “pre-existing condition”, which means it will usually be excluded from coverage. 

If I’m unable to teach due to a medical condition will this policy cover my lost earnings? 

No, teachers’ health insurance is intended to cover the cost of treating that medical condition, but not any lost earnings you might suffer while you’re undergoing treatment. 

You would need a separate income protection insurance policy if you’re worried about lost earnings, as that type of insurance policy can cover part or all of your lost income if you’re unable to work due to illness or ongoing treatment.