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Watch Insurance

Compare the best watch insurance quotes

According to William Shakespeare “the clothes make the man”, but high quality luxury watches can play an equally important role – for both men and women.

Even more importantly, though: if you own a Patek Philippe, Tag Heuer, Omega or Rolex, your luxury watch is also a precision timepiece. If you have invested in a Jaeger-LeCoultre or a Vacheron Constantin, a Hublot or a Breguet, the accuracy of your watch will prove invaluable if time is of the essence.

Unfortunately, a luxury watch also makes a very attractive ‘prize’ to a would-be thief. That’s why it might be a savvy move to protect your Rolex or other high-end timepiece with a cheap watch insurance policy…and wiser still to compare Rolex insurance quotes (or Breguet insurance quotes…or Audemars Piguet insurance quotes) before deciding which firm to go with.

Compare watch insurance quotes now

Do I still need watch insurance if I have contents insurance?

A very expensive watch, such as a Rolex, a Patek Philippe, a Cartier or a Breguet, won’t be covered in full by a standard contents insurance policy, since most home insurance providers have a maximum amount (£1,000, for instance) that they will pay out for any single item.

However, you may be able to contact your insurance provider and insure your watch by adding it as a named item on your existing contents cover.

If you don’t already have contents insurance, though – or if you do, but the price you are quoted for adding your watch to your existing insurance policy seems extraordinarily high – then it might be worth comparing the best watch insurance quotes from specialist jewellery insurance companies (and yes, a luxury watch is usually classed as ‘jewellery’, even though it is in fact a high-precision piece of engineering).

Can I insure my second hand Rolex?

Unlike electronic gadgets, which are often mass produced, easily damaged and relatively disposable, luxury watches are usually individually crafted and expertly engineered, and can often last a lifetime – or even longer.

Luxury watches are also highly collectible, and taking all of those factors into account many specialist jewellery insurance providers that understand the luxury watch market will be happy to provide an insurance quote for pre-owned Rolexes, Tag Heuers, Hublot watches and so on.

So whether you own a second hand Rolex or a brand new Breguet, a pre-owned Jaeger-LeCoultre or a new Vacheron Constantin, you can compare watch insurance quotes now.

Do I need to get my Rolex appraised before I insure it?

If you bought your watch brand new then your watch insurance firm will almost certainly use the purchase price as the basis for the insurance premium calculation.

For pre-owned luxury watches, though, you might be required to get your timepiece appraised before you take out specialist watch insurance, in order to ensure that the watch is worth as much as you plan to insure it for.

Even if you aren’t asked to prove the value of your watch when you take out your insurance policy, if something happens and you need to claim on the insurance you will almost certainly have to provide either a valid receipt or a professional evaluation.

What types of incidents will my watch insurance cover?

While the specific details of each watch insurance policy will vary from provider to provider, many specialist jewellery insurance companies will cover some or all of the following eventualities:

  • Accidental damage
  • Malicious damage
  • Loss
  • Theft
Can I insure multiple watches?

If you collect Breitling watches, Rolexes or other luxury watch brands you should be able to find a specialist jewellery insurance company that can insure all your timepieces under a single policy.

You might also realise a cost saving by insuring your watch collection in this way, compared with insuring your watches individually.

What other things do I need to consider before insuring my watch?

Other than the cost of the monthly or annual premiums, the biggest financial consideration when taking out a new insurance policy for your Rolex or other luxury watch is the excess.

While opting for a higher excess will mean you could benefit from lower premiums, it does mean you will be obliged to cover a larger share of the cost if something happens to your timepiece.

It is also worth bearing in mind that insurance companies will normally only pay out the listed value of your watch, less any excess.

If you own a vintage Rolex or other highly collectible watch that is appreciating in value, you will not benefit from that appreciation if something does go wrong, unless you have specifically asked your insurance provider to update the listed valuation in your policy.

How much is watch insurance in the UK?

The exact price of your insurance will vary depending on your watch value, make and model. Some insurers may offer watch insurance as an add-on to their jewellery insurance policy, however this may be more expensive.

The best way of getting an accurate idea of how much your watch insurance will likely cost is to compare multiple quotes from different lenders. This will expose you to multiple quotes from across the UK market and increase your chance of finding the cheapest watch insurance.