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Currency Exchange

Quotezone are here to help! Currency exchange comparison made that little bit easier! In order to help you with your decision, we have listed a number of partners below who specialise in currency exchange and travel money.

Currency Exchange

Sterling FX is one of the UK’s leading providers of Foreign Exchange. Since 1972, we have been offering the best exchange rates in central London and now we offer this UK wide! You can order your travel money online for Next Day home delivery or why not use our Click & Collect service if you’re in London? Our promise is to save you money on your travel money by giving you unbeatable exchange rates so you can relax and be stress free before your holiday!
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Do you want travel money delivered right to your doorstep and want the best rate in the market? Then order from The Currency Club! We were nominated for the “Best Foreign Exchange Retailer” at the British Travel Awards 2016 and we offer the best foreign exchange rates on global currencies and charge zero commission. We accept payment by debit card, credit card or bank transfer, so get online for unbeatable exchange rates, easy ordering and a fast fully insured delivery service of travel money straight to your home.
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✔️ITEMS COVERED: Engagement rings, Necklaces
ℹ️ VALUE COVERED: £50,000 maximum
ℹ️ COVER: loss, theft, damage, depreciation

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Compare Currency Exchange

Are you travelling abroad soon and looking for great currency exchange rates? Quotezone have put together a list of currency exchange providers to help you find a cheap exchange rate. Currency rates change frequently and it could be beneficial to shop around to find the best deal.

Best exchange rate

Cheap exchange rates can be hard to find, that’s why we have set up a list of providers so you can compare currency exchange rates online. Usually the exchange rate will go up or down depending on the demand for it. Increased business activity or rising interest rates in a country can be contributing factors to a change in the exchange rate.

Some providers will charge a commission on travel money, you might want to shop around so you can find the best currency rates online with little or no commission charge. You might find that there is little difference between the exchange rates of some providers. Depending on the amount you are wanting to convert this little difference could soon add up.

How does currency exchange work?

  1. Decide on which currency you need – The most commonly traded currencies are the USD and Euro followed by the Japanese Yen and British Pound.
  2. Decide the amount – Enter the total amount of pound sterling you wish to exchange for the currency of your choice. 
  3. Compare your options – Check you are being charged the best amount for exchanging your pounds before committing. 
  4. Get your travel money – Choose the right time for your travel money to be sent to you.

The pros and cons of exchanging currencies

Taking out travel money can offer many benefits to your travels, as it allows for you to get local currency acceptance, avoidance of overseas card transaction fees, and also helps maintain your budget more accurately.

The downside of taking out foreign currency however is that it can also raise your risk of theft. Travel insurance will typically cover you for up to £200-£500 worth in exchanged currency. Additionally, more retailers are now accepting card payments which means that taking out travel money is no longer necessary for travel. However you will be charged for an overseas transaction by using your bank card overseas.

How to get cheap currency exchange

Getting cheaper prices on your currency exchange is best done by first considering what the overall cost of the exchange will be when you factor in commission and delivery charges on top of the current exchange rate between the two currencies. You should also plan in advance so have the maximum amount of time to compare deals and get the best currency exchange options for you. Here at Quotezone, we can help you find providers with competitive rates so you can get the most out of your travel money.